Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Start to Christmas Shopping - Some Gift Ideas

I've often written on this blog about buying handmade items and all the great reasons that go with it. Yesterday I worked another shift in Bird's Yard in Sheffield and it was great to hear customers' comments about why they liked all the handmade and unique finds there. The most frequently heard was 'it's so different in here' (usually accompanied by a big smile!); people really appreciated the variety of goods on offer and how they offered alternatives to the latest trends on the High Street. The shop is a collective of individual local designers and vintage sellers who each have their own space and offer items they make and like based on their own tastes, skills and ideas - which is why there's such an eclectic collection.

Another comment I heard a lot was related to Christmas shopping and how Bird's Yard will be a great place to do that. That got me thinking and having a look around too making a Christmas list for my friends and family, and one or two ideas for me too! I've been working on items to take to craft fairs this week in the run up to the festive season and realised I'll be very busy in the usual shopping time so I'd better make a start now with some of these...

Gifts For Friends...

Gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield


 Gifts For Family...

Christmas gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

Gifts For Those Who Already Have Everything...

...I bet they won't have any of these unique finds!

unique gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

Just For Me...

Gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

So, there are some ideas to get your Christmas shopping list started. If you're in and around Sheffield and starting your shopping be sure to stop by Bird's Yard on Chapel Walk. Not only will you find unique and beautiful gifts for your loved ones, you'll be supporting local designers too.


  1. Ooooh, a body scrub sounds like a perfect gift to me! ;-)

    1. Doesn't it? Although I'd be happy to receive lots of these!

  2. Thanks for sharing at Tickled Pink Times Two! Great ideas here :)