Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October Birthday Ideas

With September drawing to a close and October just beginning I've taken the opportunity to do some virtual shopping and party planning for anyone with a birthday soon. Nearly everyone I know has a birthday in the first half of the year so I love this excuse to keep thinking birthdays!

I think it's great when you can make a birthday extra special with a few little personal touches that mean something to the birthday boy or girl. And with this in mind I've created these mini guides for the month.

Here are my October inspirations:
  • the birthstone for the month is opal which is linked with hope and innocence
  • the flower for the month is the marigold. Also in season are calla lilies, freesia and lily of the valley
  • October is named after the number 8 in Latin
  • autumn is in full swing with beautiful gold, orange and red colours
  • spooky celebrations are creeping in ready for Halloween at the end of the month
  • seasonal foods - figs, celeriac, mushrooms, apples, beetroot, globe artichokes, pheasant, lamb, oysters


Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Marigold Necklace £18 at by Because of Annie A real flower set in resin

2. Orange Opal Earrings £6 at by Beadish Delight

3. Set of 8 1920s Dessert Plates £51.28 at by Yonks

4. Autumn Leaves Cushion £44 at Free Spirit Designs

5. Fig Scented Candle £10 at by Simply Pretty Beautiful

6. Apple Tree and Bird Birthday Card Set £6 at by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Autumn Party Decorations

If you're decorating a party or dinner table for an October birthday the beautiful colours of autumn make a great palette to work with.

A beautiful autumnal table at French Country Cottage

Food Inspirations

For me autumnal food really comes into its own in October with lots of comforting and delicious food. In season this month (based on UK seasons) are figs, kale, cabbages, beetroot, celeriac, grey mullet, oysters, apples. lamb and mushrooms amongst others. 

For my virtual October birthday dinner I'd make a creamy mushroom soup as a starter, grilled lamb with celeriac mash and cabbage for the main course and finish with a delicious apple crumble. (I might make this anyway - why wait until a birthday for an excuse?) My recipe for plum crumble can be found here and it's easy to adapt it to make an apple crumble. Just cut the apples into cubes and put them in a saucepan with sugar to taste and a spoonful of water. Cook for a few minutes until soft then use this as the base instead of the plums. 

So, there are some ideas to make an October birthday celebration even more thoughtful and special; after all they do say it's the thought that counts!


  1. Your menu and October ideas are wonderful Laura. I am going to try your plum crumble recipe and maybe this October I will try figs for the first time in my life, I can't believe I have never had them.

    1. Thanks Di! Your plates fit so well into this - especially for any special birthday desserts!