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I've always loved to craft; designing and creating unique, personalised cards and gifts is a passion that has turned into a business offering you the chance to enjoy something unique and personal of your own. I handcraft all the pieces myself making each one a true original for your special occasion.

You will never find another piece exactly the same as the one you buy. As my designs are made using vintage materials each one is unique; a true one of a kind. Some of the designs will be similar, but the pieces they're made from are all unique. It also lets me create lots of variety, which is something I love to do as there are so many possibilities! This also allows me to easily work with customers to offer exactly what they want. I love to receive customer orders and talk with people about what they'd like to be created just for them.

I love to upcycle and rescue vintage treasures and ephemera which are no longer in use turning them into something that will be used and loved again. This also helps to make my work unique and personal; it's great to be able to offer a customer a greeting made out of a text which is special to them and captures memories of occasions and times.

As well as making items from vintage papers, my love for them has spilled over (as well as the stacks of papers I rescue!) into providing craft packs so others can get the same feeling of making something unique in their own work.

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Customer comment:
"Such a lovely card! :) The quality of it is excellent, and the design is adorable and unique! Plus, very speedy delivery. I received it the day after I ordered it! I'd definitely order from this seller again, especially because she kept me informed about my order, thus providing great customer service. Thank you again for such a lovely item!"
                                                                          Josie Martin Mendoza, Esty customer

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