Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Start to Christmas Shopping - Some Gift Ideas

I've often written on this blog about buying handmade items and all the great reasons that go with it. Yesterday I worked another shift in Bird's Yard in Sheffield and it was great to hear customers' comments about why they liked all the handmade and unique finds there. The most frequently heard was 'it's so different in here' (usually accompanied by a big smile!); people really appreciated the variety of goods on offer and how they offered alternatives to the latest trends on the High Street. The shop is a collective of individual local designers and vintage sellers who each have their own space and offer items they make and like based on their own tastes, skills and ideas - which is why there's such an eclectic collection.

Another comment I heard a lot was related to Christmas shopping and how Bird's Yard will be a great place to do that. That got me thinking and having a look around too making a Christmas list for my friends and family, and one or two ideas for me too! I've been working on items to take to craft fairs this week in the run up to the festive season and realised I'll be very busy in the usual shopping time so I'd better make a start now with some of these...

Gifts For Friends...

Gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield


 Gifts For Family...

Christmas gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

Gifts For Those Who Already Have Everything...

...I bet they won't have any of these unique finds!

unique gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

Just For Me...

Gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

So, there are some ideas to get your Christmas shopping list started. If you're in and around Sheffield and starting your shopping be sure to stop by Bird's Yard on Chapel Walk. Not only will you find unique and beautiful gifts for your loved ones, you'll be supporting local designers too.

Friday, 27 September 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Shabby Chic by Found in the Loft

I found this shop a while ago and love the shabby chic creations in it. I also contacted the owner to ask if I could share her work but didn't hear back for a little while, but with very good reason - a (very) new baby! I'd got in touch practically at the point of arrival (great timing!) so things were a little hectic over there, but it's back to business now. So as well as sharing this lovely work, I'd also like to share a 'Congratulations!'

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Found In The Loft 

I love this name. 'Found in the Loft' conjures up images of vintage treasures left forgotten for years to be rediscovered and loved again; it also suggests something connected to your family, something familiar and comforting. And that's the feeling I get looking through this lovely work. The shop is the work of Misia who got the name for it as 'the first ever items sewn by myself were made using old fabrics, cottons and buttons found in my husband's grandmother's loft.' Although Misia now uses a mix of new and upcycled fabrics, the overall tone still has this wonderful vintage feel to it. This cosmetic purse could quite easily be made out of an old family piece re-loved to become a new useful item (you could even invent your own history for it if you don't have a loft to rummage through!).

Shabby Chic Cosmetic Pouch Make Up Bag - Linen with Tilda Fabric Bow
Shabby Chic Cosmetic Pouch £8.50 Found in the Loft

As well as creating her own pieces, Misia also revamps furniture giving it a shabby chic makeover. She not only offers it for sale, but also likes to make items for her own home too saying 'there's always something that needs updating in my house'. Making and repurposing your own decor gives you a feel for what's needed by others in their homes and helps the designer try different techniques to share with their customers like this beautiful coffee table painted and distressed by Misia.

French Cottage Shabby Chic Farmhouse Coffee Table Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
French Cottage Shabby Chic Table £70.00 Found in the Loft

Found in the Loft was started in 2011 when Misia realised that her 'personalised gifts appeared to be very popular especially amongst new parents' after making them for friends and family. Looking at these adorable elephant dolls it's easy to see why! As well as making the nursery decorations, Misia makes their little outfits too and is happy to work with her customers to create them in different colours and even personalise the dolls. (Now I'm thinking of baby and elephant having matching outfits!)

Handmade Vintage Inspired Shabby Chic Cath Kidston Soft Stuffed Elephant Doll Toy for Little Children for Girl Boy Birthday Gift Baby Shower
Elephant Doll £18.00 Found in the Loft

Misia believes 'that handmade and personalised presents are more valuable' and I have to agree. How much more would you appreciate a gift made just for you than (even though they might be lovely) a mass produced item? Someone taking the time to find something just for you is a great gift in itself - the old saying 'it's the thought that counts' becomes truer every time I see a customised gift. I would much rather have one beautiful and thoughtful present than lots of nice things that I'm not sure where to put (although my inner child would probably disagree - shouts of 'I want lots of presents to unwrap' can still be heard on Christmas morning! But this is soon quelled when the gifts are opened). This canvas print can be made with any meaningful words you'd like and hung on the wall is a great reminder of what's important to you.

Personalised Family Couple Print Picture Canvas Wedding, Birthday Valentine's Day Gift A3
Personalised Family Canvas Print £35.99 Found in the Loft

All of Found in the Loft's work is beautiful with a vintage yet modern feel. As well as reminding me of past heirlooms, I'm sure Misia's work will become ones for the future too!

To see more of Misia's delightful work take a look here:

Shop on Etsy
Found in the Loft Blog

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why Buy Handmade? Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about buying handmade sharing the views of some fellow crafters. I'd asked around for anyone who'd like to be included, and I'm still getting people wanting to be involved! So I thought I'd write part 2 and share some more lovely handmade work with you.

The original post got a lot of views (it's been one of the most popular this month) showing just how important and appreciated handmade is and how much interest there is in crafts. In times when things aren't as good as they could be financially, there's a certain fascination with handmade products invoking thoughts of care, great quality and value for money; one great handmade piece is more special than lots of mass produced goods. And being able to buy something unique or personalised means a lot more too. Sometimes people think that handmade should be 'cheaper' but when you think of the time and skill that go into producing a piece, paying a little extra for a cherished piece is well worth it in the long run.

Beautiful handmade earrings by Divina Locura

The handmade earrings in this photo are a recent purchase of mine and illustrate what I love so much about handmade items. I kept seeing pictures of these and thinking how gorgeous they looked, but not having pierced ears I was just drooling over them rather than jumping at the chance to buy them! Then I contacted Maril (all the way over in Argentina) who makes them and asked if it would be possible to make a pair as clip ons for me - and she was happy to do so! Can you imagine walking into a high street store and asking that - and the answer you'd get? Because I bought handmade I'm the happy owner of a gorgeous pair of earrings. 

And here are plenty more reasons why handmade is so great...

 Gemma from You Sew Should thinks:
The design, planning and creation of handmade items are interwoven with love from the creator. This encourages crafters to create unique individual items, which they cherish. This make handmade items even more special, because they have been cared for from the moment of the first beginning of the idea for that particular piece.

Marlene from Welsh Witch Knitting makes a good point about knowing how something was made:
Why buy hand made? Would a machine ever tell you that ... (my) gowns are knitted from the neck DOWN, not from the bottom up as is normal., Or that, after having to pull out and reknit a couple of rows after an error , that I calculated that there are in excess of 14,880 stitches in the skirt alone of ... (one) gown. I actually enjoyed the challenge, as it made the knitting interesting, plain knit and purl knitting is boring. If you read the blurb at the top of the shop, I usually see something, either in my mind's eye or in actuality, start giggling, and reach for my needles . How many people are stuck in dead end jobs, doing something they hate?, Whereas I have retired once, become bored , and started on a third career.

Hand Knitted  Christening Gown  - Floral Trellis Pattern. ( Future Heirloom).version 1.
Handmade Christening Gown £60.00 Welsh Witch Knitting

Karen from Yarns and Fabrics adds:
Enjoy handmade goods - you are taking home a piece of the artist when you buy handmade
Knitted Wool Scarf in Wave Pattern
Knitted Wool Scarf £29.50 by Yarns and Fabrics

Julie from Ivy's Table makes a great economic point:

Buying handmade helps to support a more diverse and eclectic economy

Hand embroidered summers day garden purse
Hand Embroidered Purse £55.00 by Ivy's Table

And Kelly from FunkTJunk summed it up with the words of Bananarama!  -  "It ain't what you do - It's the way that you do it."  

Upcycled fridge magnet - Recycled board games - POW
Upcycled Fridge Magnet £2.00 Funk T Junk

So, now you have lots more reasons to buy handmade! And with a certain season just around the corner why not treat your loved ones to something special, unique and personal with a handmade item?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

South Yorkshire Country Markets - wonderful local produce

I recently discovered a very well kept secret here in Sheffield - South Yorkshire Country Markets. That's not to say it's been a secret with everyone, they've been going for over 90 years! Basically it's a collective of local producers, craftspeople, bakers and cooks who together run regular markets selling their items under one name.

produce at South Yorkshire Country Markets - Sheffield

My local one is at Broomhill in Sheffield and has been running for a number of years. I just happened to be chatting with someone one day when it was mentioned, so I had a look on their website and then went along one Saturday morning to find out more. And when I got their I discovered a talented group of local producers and their wonderful produce!

There's a delicious range of food including bakery items such as bread and cakes; preserves and pickles; savoury meals and snacks ready to warm up at home; and locally grown fruit and vegetables. A lot of the prepared foods use seasonal and locally grown ingredients, and after trying a few of them (I had to if I was going to write about them!) I have to say they are wonderful! One of my favourites, which I could easily become addicted to, are these buttermilk and honey rolls with caraway seeds; they're irresistibly soft with a beautiful mix of flavours that I've never found anywhere else. That's what's great about markets like this - such a different range of new foods to try!

Locally made buttermilk and honey bread rolls - delicious!

The food is very popular with local customers, people were queuing up outside before 9am ready to buy! There are baskets available to load up with your choices (which many people did) and a big enough range to make it a great shopping opportunity to stock up for the week. The producers offer regular favourites as well as new and seasonal produce so there's always something different to look at and try - including a sweet potato and lentil dish this week which had sold out before I got a chance to buy one!

Just a small selection of the cakes on offer

Some tempting savoury dishes are available too

Alongside the foods are a range of different handcrafted products. This is what drew me to the market in the first place. I wanted a new place to share my work and hopefully find some new customers so became a member and took along some cards, gift tags and jewellery. They sat alongside the work of talented local craftspeople to create a beautiful table of gifts and treats. You could choose from wooden ornaments, hand sewn decorations, jewellery, greeting cards of all kinds, skincare and knitted baby clothes and toys. Although not as popular as the food (they aren't edible after all!), they offer customers a chance to buy something unique and special for themselves or a loved one.

If you find yourself out and about on a Saturday morning in Sheffield looking for a lovely and unique shopping experience, call into the market at the Scout Hut on Spooner Road, Broomhill (there's a sign outside, you can't miss it!).

There are 5 regular South Yorkshire markets:

  • Sheffield - Saturdays 9 - 12 (Spooner Road, Broomhill)
  • Doncaster - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 10 - 3
  • Holmfirth - Saturdays 9.45 - 12.15
  • Penistone - Thursdays 10 - 2
  • Tickhill - Fridays 10 - 11.45

You can find out more about the markets at their website:

South Yorkshire Country Markets

Friday, 20 September 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Cute and Fun Jewellery from Jackdaw

If you saw my post earlier this week about the Christmas cards I've been making you'll have noticed I have a fixation with Russian dolls. Every time I see one somewhere I have to stop and have a look, and that includes online too. So imagine my delight when browsing around one day I saw a whole collection of Russian doll jewellery! Taking a closer look I found some other fun finds too.

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Jackdaw Jewellery

Jackdaw Jewellery is the work of Christina who's based in Wales where she handcrafts all her quirky and unique accessories. She chose the name Jackdaw as they are 'mischievous little birds and full of character. Much like myself and I believe my customers!' and also because 'they like shiny things'. I think this name really suits Christina's work with its fun characters, colours and designs as well as the wonderful shininess of the resin which is one of her favourite materials to work with.

Matryoshka Russian Doll Brooch Badge Pin Blue White Kitsch
Matryoshka Russian Doll Brooch £5.80 Jackdaw

This pretty bunting necklace is a great example of what can be done with resin. Fabric samples were used and printed to plastic before being coated with with thick resin to give them an amazing shine. Christina says the necklace was inspired by 'summer garden parties' and each pastel coloured flag does bring back memories of the summer, which seems so long ago now on these chilly mornings! This piece would be great for helping you remember sunny days all year round. 


Bunting Necklace Resin Plastic Summer Pastels Pennant Flag
Bunting Necklace £12.25 Jackdaw

Christina describes herself as a 'jewellery fanatic' who is 'lured in by the sight of something shiny' and also has a love for rings which 'knows no bounds'. All of which come together in this fantastic gold leaf and resin ring (something no real life jackdaw could resit swooping in for!).  For me this ring sums up what I've seen of Christina's work; it's bold yet delicate and a unique piece sure to stand out in any jewellery collection. The ring is part of the Opulence range - and you can certainly see where it got its name from!

Resin Ring Gold Leaf Large Oval Chunky
Gold Leaf Resin Ring £6.19 Jackdaw

Christina has been making jewellery since she was at school and has developed it into a passion today. She admits that her first pieces were 'amateurish' but loved the idea of wearing something she'd created and that was unique. Her skills have certainly developed over the years! All of Christina's work look spectacular with its bright colours and clean lines. And what I love the most about this jewellery is that feeling of uniqueness which is still at the heart of Christina's creations.
Resin Stud Earrings Square Ivory Pink Foil Embossed Acrylic
Ivory and Pink Resin Stud Earrings £6.45 Jackdaw


Christina will also soon be launching a new series of poppy jewellery to raise money for the 2013 Poppy Appeal. Look out for it as a great way to help contribute to the appeal.  


You can find out more about Jackdaw Jewellery and see lots of gorgeous items here:


Jackdaw Jewellery's Etsy shop








Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Christmas at Pink Flamingo Handcrafting!

I know it's only September and summer's still in recent memory (just about!), but I feel like it's December already! I've been busily working on my Christmas cards ready to sell at the markets I've booked, in my online shops and for actual 'real' shops too. I thought I'd share with you some of my festive creations and the ideas that brought them to life.

Keep reading for a SPECIAL OFFER for blog readers!

One of the main things I liked about selling at markets in the summer was listening to customers and their feedback. One comment a heard a few times was along these lines, 'That's a lovely card. It's a pity it's for a birthday as it would have been a great thank you card for my friend'. And this got me thinking. Something I can offer with handmade cards that it's difficult to do with printed cards is a personalised greeting; so this is what I'm going to do with my Christmas cards this year. I'll display the different cards I've made for a customer to choose from and then have a range of greetings which I can add to give people more choice. And even better, the cards sold online can have any greeting added to include names, date or occasions too! (This also explains why some of the cards in these pictures don't have greetings on.)

handmade christmas cards

Love Bird Robins

I first made a card similar to this last Christmas to send to my family. I love the little robins who visit my garden in the winter and wanted to add them to a card, but I'm not a great drawer so they became stylised robins! I played around with a few designs and favoured them sitting on their branches with some little hearts in between. Each card is made with a different variation of patterns and colours to make them unique - and so I can play around with all my different papers!

robin christmas card

I also make a version using an old falling to pieces copy of 'A Christmas Carol' and have great fun reading through the text to pick out Christmassy words to use and colouring the pages.

upcycled christmas cards - robins

upcycled christmas cards - robins

Festive Mrs Fox

I love little foxes and especially all the cute ones that have been around recently on stationery and clothes, so I designed one of my own. At first she was on some birthday cards but to make her more festive I've sat her next to a Christmas tree - each of which is unique. I've given her eyelashes to make her extra cute and think she's perfect to send to sisters, best friends, mums and daughters.

There are some urban foxes that I see sometimes in the early mornings wandering around behind my house which I always like to watch, but they're not as cute as these!

fox cards

Christmas Russian Dolls

Anyone who's seen my bookshelves will know I have a thing about Russian Dolls. I can't even remember when I got my first set (and anyone who knows me will also know my memory isn't that great!) but I've always been fascinated with them. I love the patterns and colours which are so intricate and the stories that can be told with the images going down the dolls.

There's a continental market which visits Sheffield city centre a few times each year and there's a stall there that sells dolls from the Ukraine. I can't resist looking at them all and buying a set (and a brooch, and some Christmas decorations, and a magnet, and a jewellery box...well, you get the idea). I have a few sets of Christmas related ones too so thought it only natural to include Russian dolls in my cards. Again, each one is unique with a range of different colours and patterns available.

Russian doll Christmas cards

So, there are some of the inspirations behind my Christmas range of cards. I've also started work on decorations too and I'll share the story of those as the festive season gets closer (only 98 days til the big day!).

To help you get a head start preparing for Christmas and as a SPECIAL OFFER for blog readers, you can get 25% off all personalised Christmas cards in my Etsy shop until 30th September 2013.  Just use the code XMASBLOG25 at the checkout! Pink Flamingo Crafting on Etsy

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Flying Bats Halloween Card Tutorial

The nights are getting longer; the leaves are turning brown - autumn is definitely on its way! And this means that Halloween isn't far away either. I love it as another reason to make spooky and fun crafts and here I show you how to make a 3D flying bats card; or it can be a stand up decoration for your own home.

Halloween card tutorial

This project was designed with children in mind. As scissors and small parts are used adult supervision is required at all times. It will make a fun craft activity to share with your children as the nights draw in!

You will need:

  • a piece of orange card 15x15cm
  • a piece of black card 5x24cm
  • a piece of black card approx. 6x18cm
  • a strips of acetate (or clear plastic from packaging - be careful of sharp edges). 2 measuring 1x6cm and 2 measuring 1x8cm
  • silver paper
  • cotton wool
  • a scrap of card approx. 2.5x3.5cm
  • scissors
  • glue (I find a wet glue like PVA best)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • star punch
  • circle punch or a coin to draw around

How to make a Halloween card

Step 1 
On the scrap of card draw a wing shape like the one in the picture and cut it out to make a template.

Step 2
Draw around this template 8 times on the piece of black card that is 6x18cm. Cut out the wings.

Step 3
Use the circle punch (or draw around a coin) to make 4 black circles using the same piece of card you cut the wings from.

Bat Halloween card

Step 4
Spread a little glue onto the corner of a wing. Stick this corner behind one of the black circles. Spread glue onto the corner of another wing and stick this corner behind the black circle too but on the other side to make it look like a flying bat. Make 3 more bats in this way. You can vary the position of the wings to make it more interesting.

Halloween card tutorial

Step 5
Spread some glue onto the top 1cm of one of the acetate strips. Stick this to the back of one of the bats. Repeat with the other bats and acetate strips.

Bat card tutorial

Step 6
Take the piece of black card measuring 5x24cm and place it in front of you with the long side running along the top and bottom (landscape). Mark lines at 2.5cm, 4.5cm, 19.5cm and 21.5cm running vertically. Fold the card inwards along these lines.

Bat card tutorial

Step 7
Lay the card you've just folded down in front of you with the folded over parts sticking upwards. Spread some glue onto the bottom 2cm of a strip of the acetate with a bat stuck on top - make sure the glue in on the front of the acetate. Stick this strip to the piece of black card that is flat in front of you. Repeat with the other acetate strips.

Halloween card tutorial

Step 8
Turn the piece of black card over (so that the acetate strips are now underneath) and flatten out the folds so it lays flat. Spread glue along the front of the central 15cm.

Step 9
Tear and pull the cotton wool until it is thin enough to look like fog. Now stick this onto the glue on the black card.

Step 10
Use the star punch on the silver card to make about 9 stars (or however many you want!). If you don't have a star punch you could always cut them out by hand or use star stickers. Glue the stars randomly onto one side of the piece of orange card.

How to make a Halloween bat card

Step 11
Take the strip of black card with the cotton wool glued to it and place it cotton wool side down. Spread glue onto the left hand side up to the first fold line. Line this up with the bottom of the back of the orange card and stick in place. Do the same with the right hand side.

How to make a Halloween bat card
Add caption

Your decoration card is complete! If you'd like to send it as a card just write a message on the back.

You could also try:
  • Add a Halloween greeting onto the orange card with the stars
  • Use glitter paper of glitter glue to make stars
  • Make bats in different sizes
  • Use grey card instead of orange to give an even foggier feel

Friday, 13 September 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - adorable characters from Madame Craig

Whilst browsing through my Facebook feed one day I was intrigued to see a little bear looking right back at me.  He was very cute and seemed to be inviting me to take a closer look (that's my excuse anyway for hunting out more adorable pictures!) and not wanting to disappoint such a sweet creature, I did. And I discovered a whole world of adorableness.

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Madame Craig 

As her name suggests, Madame Craig is indeed French. She has a background in architecture and up until 5 years ago work as a designer at an architecture practice in Scotland. Looking for a new career when the economic recession hit, Madame Craig (Rachel) trained as a teacher at a Waldorf School in Edinburgh and now teaches arts, crafts, architecture and technical drawing - hence the 'Madame'. She says the children and parents are her 'best clientele' and so thought Madame Craig was an appropriate name for her shop as this is how they know her! Rachel's needle felted work is inspired by her career where there is a strong element of creative play emphasised in childhood development and learning.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Wool Needle Felted Miniatures, Fairy Tales, Waldorf, Educational Toys, Puppet show, Story telling
Wool Felted Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Madame Craig £80

Artistic expression and creative learning are key ideals within the teachings of a Waldorf education and Rachel's adorable characters certainly encourage this. I think the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story telling toys would encourage most children to use their imagination and be transported into the fairytale forest to act out the tale and learn about the actions and morals behind it. I used to be an English teacher myself and think this is a fantastic way, especially for young children, to explore stories and why they are important to our culture.

Waldorf Math Gnomes, Educational Toy, Math, ,Home schooling, Waldorf School, finger puppet
Maths Gnomes Educational Toys by Madame Craig £25

Even maths can be imaginative! (Sorry to all the mathematicians out there, I never found the subject interesting). These finger puppet gnomes are ideal for using poetry and story to encourage learning and would certainly helped me out as a youngster. Every parent knows that making learning fun is a great way to gets kids to develop with an open mind rather than the moans of 'boring' which can be heard all too often.

Needle Felted Fox  - miniature red animal
Needle Felted Fox by Madame Craig £23

Madame Craig's work is also appealing to adults and for decorative purposes too. This cute fox would make a lovely little ornament in your home.  Rachel found herself  'naturally attracted' by 'Waldorf crafts and colours' and you can clearly see why with the beautiful, bright orange on this fox. All her pieces are made by hand and mainly by needle felting. I think they'd also make gorgeous table decorations to create a themed scene for a special occasion (I love decorating tables!) and could even tempt the grown ups to use their imaginations too!

Waldorf gnome, lantern walk Gnome, Felt Gnome, Autumn, Fall, Green, yellow, natural gnome, autumn natural scene decoration - Made to order
Waldorf Gnome Lantern Walk by Madame Craig £20

There are also seasonal characters available such as this gnome out for an autumnal walk as well as some irresistible The Snowman inspired creations for the winter. A great excuse to collect a few characters and change them around through out the year!

To see more of Madame Craig's work take a look here:

Etsy - Madame Craig

Facebook - Madame Craig

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bird's Yard Sheffield - My First Day!

For those of you who don't live in, or know, Sheffield you might not have heard of Bird's Yard. But in Sheffield it's a very popular place to find unique items from local designers. I've recently started selling there too! Today was my first shift in the shop and I couldn't resist taking lots of photos to share.

Bird's Yard is on Chapel Walk in the city centre and is a collection of work by independent local designers, makers, crafters and vintage sellers all under one roof - kind of like a continual craft fair. There are so many wonderful items in there including clothes, stationery and home wares - and many more besides. Each creator who sells there has there own space and also spends some time in the shop each month. I joined Bird's Yard just a couple of weeks ago and offer my Uniquely Upcycled range of greeting cards, gift tags, gift bags, stickers and jewellery. This afternoon was my first shift in the shop and I just had to share some of the treasures in there!

Bird's Yard Sheffield
That was me today!

Home wares Bird's Yard Sheffield

A gorgeous selection of goodies for your home are available, from food for the kitchen to the plates to eat it off; cushions; and ornaments both handmade and vintage. I love the plate with a poodle on stilts (who knew they could do that?) from Mellor Ware and the jams, chutneys, honeys and many more tasty treats from Just Deli looked irresistible! There were a few beautiful comfy cushions in there too!

clothing and accessories bird's yard sheffield

Bird's Yard is a great place for some unique, vintage and locally designed clothing, jewellery and accessories. There are lots of very cute brooches (I can't resist an animal brooch especially this owl, squirrel and deer from Velvet Moth), jewellery made with cutlery from Sheffield by Tea Wear, upcycled clothes and lovely hair accessories, including some very pretty pansy hair grips, by Imogen's Imagination.

gifts at Bird's Yard Sheffield

The shop is the perfect place to find a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself! I've made a long list ready for Christmas (and if anyone I know is reading and wondering what to get me for a gift, the Honey Whipped Skin Cream smells delicious!) There are also adorable soft shoes and baby grows from Poco Nido for any little ones you know. And tucked away in the corner is a fabulous library of classic and local interest books.

upcycled crafts
And not forgetting my handcrafted items too!

So if you're already in Sheffield or happen to find yourself there one day, go and check it out for some fabulous and unique finds!

You can find out more about Bird's Yard here:
To find out more about the shop and its designers

Bird' Yard on Facebook
For latest finds and news