Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why Buy Handmade? Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about buying handmade sharing the views of some fellow crafters. I'd asked around for anyone who'd like to be included, and I'm still getting people wanting to be involved! So I thought I'd write part 2 and share some more lovely handmade work with you.

The original post got a lot of views (it's been one of the most popular this month) showing just how important and appreciated handmade is and how much interest there is in crafts. In times when things aren't as good as they could be financially, there's a certain fascination with handmade products invoking thoughts of care, great quality and value for money; one great handmade piece is more special than lots of mass produced goods. And being able to buy something unique or personalised means a lot more too. Sometimes people think that handmade should be 'cheaper' but when you think of the time and skill that go into producing a piece, paying a little extra for a cherished piece is well worth it in the long run.

Beautiful handmade earrings by Divina Locura

The handmade earrings in this photo are a recent purchase of mine and illustrate what I love so much about handmade items. I kept seeing pictures of these and thinking how gorgeous they looked, but not having pierced ears I was just drooling over them rather than jumping at the chance to buy them! Then I contacted Maril (all the way over in Argentina) who makes them and asked if it would be possible to make a pair as clip ons for me - and she was happy to do so! Can you imagine walking into a high street store and asking that - and the answer you'd get? Because I bought handmade I'm the happy owner of a gorgeous pair of earrings. 

And here are plenty more reasons why handmade is so great...

 Gemma from You Sew Should thinks:
The design, planning and creation of handmade items are interwoven with love from the creator. This encourages crafters to create unique individual items, which they cherish. This make handmade items even more special, because they have been cared for from the moment of the first beginning of the idea for that particular piece.

Marlene from Welsh Witch Knitting makes a good point about knowing how something was made:
Why buy hand made? Would a machine ever tell you that ... (my) gowns are knitted from the neck DOWN, not from the bottom up as is normal., Or that, after having to pull out and reknit a couple of rows after an error , that I calculated that there are in excess of 14,880 stitches in the skirt alone of ... (one) gown. I actually enjoyed the challenge, as it made the knitting interesting, plain knit and purl knitting is boring. If you read the blurb at the top of the shop, I usually see something, either in my mind's eye or in actuality, start giggling, and reach for my needles . How many people are stuck in dead end jobs, doing something they hate?, Whereas I have retired once, become bored , and started on a third career.

Hand Knitted  Christening Gown  - Floral Trellis Pattern. ( Future Heirloom).version 1.
Handmade Christening Gown £60.00 Welsh Witch Knitting

Karen from Yarns and Fabrics adds:
Enjoy handmade goods - you are taking home a piece of the artist when you buy handmade
Knitted Wool Scarf in Wave Pattern
Knitted Wool Scarf £29.50 by Yarns and Fabrics

Julie from Ivy's Table makes a great economic point:

Buying handmade helps to support a more diverse and eclectic economy

Hand embroidered summers day garden purse
Hand Embroidered Purse £55.00 by Ivy's Table

And Kelly from FunkTJunk summed it up with the words of Bananarama!  -  "It ain't what you do - It's the way that you do it."  

Upcycled fridge magnet - Recycled board games - POW
Upcycled Fridge Magnet £2.00 Funk T Junk

So, now you have lots more reasons to buy handmade! And with a certain season just around the corner why not treat your loved ones to something special, unique and personal with a handmade item?


  1. Laura! i just need it to check the part one of this article as well... and i love this quote from Kelly: "Buying hand made is like holding a little bit of love in your hands." ....
    this is so true. It is love it is passion and dedication all in once. It is a special piece and creates a special moment too.
    I am a person who enjoys giving gifts to others but not just gifts, special gifts and handmade is that so i´m definitely a handmade lover.
    An of course i enjoy giving myself so treats too! ;).

    By the way thank you for sharing my work too in this fabulous post!


    1. So glad you like it Maril, I couldn't resist sharing your earrings - I love them!

  2. A lovely thoughtful post as always. Your passion for handmade goods is catching! :-)

    1. That's the idea! Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. Hello Laura, I found you on an etsy team page. Thank you for offering to have an item in my shop here: here's the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/156302369/nursery-wall-art-whimsical-flower-art?ref=shop_home_active_24. Thanks again and blessings on your blog.