Monday, 28 October 2013

Table Confetti For Special Occasions

I love to decorate a table for a special occasion. In fact, this is often one of the main reasons for organising a meal or get together in the first place! For me a beautifully set and decorated table is like extra special wrapping paper on a present. Thoughtful details make the occasion more memorable - and might just detract from my less than perfectly presented food (it tastes fine, it just looks...well, not so fine!)

One of the finishing touches I like to add is table confetti I've made myself with papers which are no longer useful. I use my craft punches to create the upcycled confetti out of texts linked to the occasion or in colours that match the rest of the settings.

Upcycled table confetti

Here I'm sharing some ideas for table confetti for different occasion using various texts. These are just ideas, once you start there are so many possibilities to have fun with that have special meaning for you!

Upcycled Table Confetti

Using Books

This is a great way to use pages from books which are old, tatty and unloved. I often pick up books in 'bargain boxes' at charity shops; the books have been read and fulfilled their purpose but now have pages missing, scribbles or stains. I punch around the marked pages to make the confetti. Link the theme of the occasion to the text you choose:

  • birthdays - choose the guest of honour's favourite book
  • Halloween - use a ghost story
  • Valentine's day - a classic romantic novel (or a trashy one!)

Valentine's Day table confetti
An  old copy of Pride and Prejudice and a flower punch make lovely Valentine's Day confetti



Using Maps

Maps and places can hold a lot of personal meaning. Again I look for ones which are tatty or even out of date. As you can see in the picture, this map has damage where it looks like it got wet. They are great for making confetti for:

  • weddings - a place where the happy couple met or are going on honeymoon
  • housewarmings - a map of the new area
  • home coming -  if a loved one has been traveling and you're celebrating their return use maps of where they've been
Wedding table confetti - map
A map of a special place and a heart punch make thoughtful wedding table confetti


Using Sheet Music

I often find old sheet music in charity shops and second hand centres that's been torn or the staples have come out so only half of it is left! This is great to use for upcycling purposes. Music can suit any occasion as songs are attached to many celebrations. Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas - use carols punched into festive shapes
  • anniversaries - try and find music played at the happy couple's wedding
  • Christenings - hymns or nursery rhymes

Christmas table confetti
Christmas carol sheet music paired with snowflake and tree punches make festive confetti



Using Magazines

This is a fun activity for children; there are so many colours and patterns to choose from! It's great for using up the free magazines and junk mail that get posted through the door too.

Magazine table confetti
Fun patterns and colours using magazines to make table confetti

So next time you're holding a special get together to mark an occasion get out the old papers and punches and create a thoughtful finishing touch!

Friday, 25 October 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Stocking Fillers

I thought I'd do something a little different this week with my favourite crafters post. Instead of focusing on just one designer/maker I've chosen a few pieces by various crafters that would make great little gifts or stocking fillers.

If you've seen my blog in the last couple of weeks you'll realise that I've already started my Christmas shopping and I'm buying as much as I can with from small businesses and local makers (most... but when your mum requests Chanel shower gel you have to make some exceptions!). I've been quite organised and bought most items, but I'm still looking for some little extras and treats, so this is as much for me as anyone else!

So far I've bought gifts from local independent businesses, makers and markets as well as from local sellers on Etsy. Now I'm going to branch out further into the UK too, and here are a few ideas all available online...

Favourite UK Crafters - Stocking Fillers

For the children

Children's UK Stocking Fillers


1. Hair Bow £3.50 Button Owl
2. Waldorf Gnome £6.50 Madame Craig
3. Personalised Pirate Crayon Roll £4.00 Wow Thank You
4. Little Knitted Teddy Bear £4.00 Wow Thank You
5. A Clay Police Car Set £4.99 Bought With Thought
6. 2 Gingerbread Men Soaps £2.45 Soppy About Soaps

For Her

Women's UK Stocking Fillers

1. Digestive Pocket Mirror £4.50 Nikki McWilliams
2. Long Tailed Tit Brooch £3.00 Pocket Wren
3. Russian Doll Earrings £5.73 Jackdaw Jewellery
4. Make Your Own Bracelet Kit £4.00 Bought With Thought
5. Grapefruit and Lemongrass Soap £3.95 Wow Thank You
6. Poodles Key Ring Change Purse £6.00 Wow Thank You

For Him

Men's UK Stocking Fillers


1. VW Campervan Keyrings and Magnets £4.00 each Wow Thank You
2. I Am A Rock Legend Badge £1.05 Sam Osbourne Store
3. Lego Man Soap £3.75 each Funny Soaps and Bits
4. Artist's Notebook £6.00 Typescale
5. Record Vinyl Bookmark £2.50 When The Music's Over
6. Lego Brick Cufflinks £3.76 Bits and Badges

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

'Book'cycling - things to make with old books

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll now that I love upcycling. The idea of taking something that would otherwise be ignored or thrown away and turning it into something useful is too good to resist. I collect up many things to re-use but my favourite items are books.

upcycling books

I've got such a huge collection of them I'm running out of space to keep them so I thought I'd better get making. The only trouble is, I'm having a bit of a 'crafter's block' at the moment so I've been looking around for some ideas of new things to try and thought I'd share some here.

I do love books and have many that I'd never cut up, no matter how tatty they got! Just because a book's old or damaged doesn't always mean it's good for upcycling, you have to use your own judgement. These are the little rules I like to craft by; I'll re-purpose a book if:

  • it's clearly falling to pieces or has bits missing
  • it's been drawn in/written in over the writing or pictures (particularly found in children's books!)
  • there are lots of them 'doing the rounds' of second hand shops
  • it's out of date and no use anymore
  • it's damaged, eg, something's been spilled on it

So, to get my imagination working again I've gathered these ideas of past makes and future inspirations together. Enjoy looking through them and I hope you get some ideas too!

Some of My Tutorials

Paper Rose

This one's very easy but so effective. You only need a small piece of paper so it's great for using bits of good paper from damaged pages.

upcycled paper rose 

Gift Bow

Great for using strips of good paper rescued from damaged pages.

Upcycled paper bow tutorial 

Paper Beads

Lots of fun can be had making these with any kind of paper. Even if it's damaged or drawn on as the paper is rolled up this can be hidden.

paper bead earrings 

Inspiration to get over my 'crafter's block'

All of these projects are ones I've found while looking around on the internet. They are ones I'd love to try and will be a great excuse for getting through all my books! The links will take you to the full tutorial if you'd like to try them too.

A Book Pumpkin from Upcycled Treasures

This is a great step by step photo and written instruction tutorial and ideal for this time of year! I'll be trying it with any books that are old and no-body wants anymore.

Upcycled book pumpkin tutorial on Upcycled Treasures

Paper Flowers from Hipcycle

Another paper flower! There are so many paper flowers to make and these are ones I particularly love.

Upcycled paper flowers
Paper flowers from Hipcycle

Paper Feathers from Todolwen

These look so pretty! These are made with sheet music (and look gorgeous) but could also be made with book pages. Great photo and written instruction tutorial.
Paper Feather Tutorial from Todolwen

My crafter's block seems to be lifting now! Off the do some upcycling...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Christmas Shopping - Buying local and some Sheffield ideas

Christmas is certainly getting noticeably closer now - only 9 weeks away! Most shops now have festive goods on offer, adverts are mentioning everything they can think of in connection to Christmas and I'm surrounded by Father Christmases, puddings and robins!

I've seen the image below getting shared around Facebook and I absolutely agree with the sentiment behind it. I love the idea of buying local and supporting small businesses and there are so many great artists, crafters and makers out there that I'm sure there'll be lots to discover near you too.

I've already started planning my Christmas shopping as I have so many fairs booked building up to the holidays I'm not going to have time to do it then. So I thought I'd share some great local places in Sheffield (and a few elsewhere available online) that I'll be looking at for ticking items off my Christmas list.  If you happen to be in the Sheffield area I recommend taking at look at these...

Bird's Yard, Chapel Walk, Sheffield

I've written about Bird's Yard here on my blog before for two good reasons: 1. I sell my work there and 2. I love this shop! It's a collection of local designers and makers who sell together under one roof right in the city centre which is a great opportunity not only for the sellers but also for customers, to discover something new and different. Every time I go in there I see so many things that would make great gifts, the only problem is making up my mind which I'm going to buy! These are some things that caught my eye recently...

Gift ideas - Bird's Yard Sheffield

Patchwork Pig, High Street, Rotherham

A little shop with a lot to offer! Loads of great gift ideas can be found in this colourful shop for all members of the family.

Gift ideas - Patchwork Pig, Rotherham

Heritage Re-Loved, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley

A gorgeous little shop selling vintage, upcycled and re-loved clothes, craft supplies, home wares and other little treats. It's the perfect place to find a pretty, unique gift or the supplies to make your own. I've often bought, or had bought for me, lovely gifts from here including embroidered lavender sachets, table clothes and vintage plates. There's also a fantastic antiques centre very close by which it's impossible to leave without a few goodies...

 Photo: A big thankyou to all my lovely customers and to those that visit my little shop. You are all special because of the amazing feedback that you give whether you buy or not.

Sheffield Country Markets, Broomhill, Sheffield

This market takes place every Saturday morning and sells food and crafts by local producers. It's the perfect place for picking up some festive foods for yourself or ordering a hamper as a gift (or for yourself!). There are also a range of non-food gifts including jewellery, skin care and knitwear with lots of different things every week.

crafts at Sheffield Country Market

If you're not in Sheffield you can take a look online too:

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Fun Jewellery from Mixed Up Dolly

I think the type of jewellery you choose to wear can say a lot about you. My jewellery box is (very) full of all different types and styles which I can choose from to match my mood - everything from delicate and subtle silver pieces for when I'm feeling grown up and serious; big, colourful and glitzy for a night out; and novelty jewellery for when I'm feeling fun and relaxed. And this is where my favourite UK crafter of the week fits in.

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Mixed Up Dolly

I first noticed Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery on Facebook one day when I saw some pictures of fun sweets and chocolate creations which I was instantly drawn to. Not only because they featured a range of sweet treats (I'm rather partial to a little sugar) but also because of the childhood memories that popped into my head. That's what I love about Rachel's (the designer behind Mixed Up Dolly) work, it's pretty to wear but also has a personal meaning and associations. Like this Iced Gems bracelet; I loved these as a child and can't help but smile when I see it!

Iced Gem biscuits charm bracelet £30 Mixed Up Dolly

Rachel says she likes to create jewellery that is 'something of a show-stopping, talking point' and that's exactly what I think it does. How could you resist talking to someone wearing Starmix earrings? They're a fun little quirky piece that fits a fun mood and would be a great stand out feature with your hair up, or a little surprise poking out of your hair worn down. I love the idea of wearing them with a more serious, grown up outfit in this way!

Starmix Earrings £9 Mixed Up Dolly
Something I love about Rachel's range is there are lots of different pieces to choose from. If you're not feeling brave enough to wear an attention grabbing pair of earrings you can always add a little character to your belongings with one of her keyrings featuring classic brands. Born out of a 'passion is for making polymer clay and resin jewellery' Rachel has created pieces that can be worn to show the whole world your fun side or just a little hint of yourself.

Saucy...........Heinz Tomato Ketchup Keychain
Tomato Ketchup keyring £7.69 Mixed Up Dolly

As well as food items Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery and accessories feature other classics too such as these Lego cufflinks to remind you of happy childhood days!

Lego brick cufflinks £10 per pair Mixed Up Dolly

I suddenly have a sugar craving now... I'm off to hunt out some edible versions of Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery!

To see more of Mixed Up Dolly's fun creations take a look here:

Online Shop
Shop on Etsy 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Crafting for 2013

One of my first posts when I started this blog earlier this year was about Christmas crafting trends for 2013 based on some internet snooping I'd done. I shared some ideas about my favourite 3 trends and noted some ways I might use them this year.

Well, my Christmas crafting is well under way for myself, family and to sell at fairs I've booked. I've been searching through my (many) supplies and having a look around shops and on the internet and collected together the materials I'm going to use. The trend that I've found I love the most is the traditional with a Scandinavian twist - lots of red and white with festive patterns and images, with a little bit of the forest influence mixed in (the animals are too cute!).

I've already started to make (and I'm planning on making more of) cards, gift tags, garlands and hanging decorations with these supplies and I thought I'd share some of them here too. 


I hoard fabrics. I often see pretty rolls in the haberdashers, fat quarters in the craft shop, fabric scraps people have left over from projects... and well, everywhere really and I just can't help but collect them up! I already had some fabrics and then bought some more to match them into the Scandinavian theme. I got plenty of plain red and cream as the bases then lots of festive patterns to complement them. My favourite is this red and white snowflake design.

Christmas fabrics

I'm using them mainly in making heart shaped Christmas garlands and decorations but I've also created some fabric cards cutting out bauble shapes to make the images. 


Another obsession! I found these ribbons in a shop in Sheffield (when I was shopping for a new shower curtain which I still haven't bought!) and love how they match into the theme. The colours are traditional and match the fabrics I bought but some of the images give them a fun twist. I love the Russian dolls with little Christmas trees on them and the owls look festive in red and green matching the forest theme.

Christmas ribbons

I'm using them to decorate some of the hearts on the garlands and I'll save some to wrap my Christmas presents with too - I think they'll look lovely against brown paper in particular. 


There are so many uses for buttons in crafting that you have to have a big supply of them (that's what I keep telling myself...). For Christmas decorations I like to have a stock of plain festive coloured ones to go with patterned fabrics and fancy ones to go with plain fabrics. To match the traditional and Scandinavian themes this year I've chosen wooden buttons in classic Christmas patterns and some with red and white cross stitch effect reindeer. 

Christmas buttons

I'm using them to add the finishing touches to some decorations, tags and cards.


There's a theme building here - more hoarding I'm afraid! I bought a load of papers in the sales after Christmas last year and there are quite a few that are still relevant this year (of course any are relevant because it's up to your personal taste which you use) for this year's trends. Again, I've got lots of others stacked up and sorted through them to find the ones that will match my other makes.

Christmas papers

I'm using the papers to hand cut and piece together a range of cards and tags.

These are just some of the materials I'll be using this Christmas; I'm always finding new ones to add in too. They give just a little taste of what's available and what's 'on trend' this year, although as I've said before go with what you love for yourself and your family - it's just I happen to love this traditional and Scandinavian trend too!

I hope this little peek into my Christmas preparations gives you some inspirations for your own festive crafting or buying!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Making Paper Beads for Jewellery

When I was little I had a craft book with lots of activities for children. The one I remember trying and liking was making paper beads (it must have really appealed to me as my long term memory is shocking!) and I took it up again earlier this year. I love all the different and unique beads you can make and have truly handmade and one of a kind pieces.

I've turned the beads I make into jewellery, some for me, some for friends and family and some I sell. One place I sell them is at Bird's Yard in Sheffield and recently they shared some of the process on their Facebook page for customers to see. I thought I'd use this and add some extra hints and tips to share with my blog readers too. There aren't as many photos as one of my usual tutorials but there are lots of them out there on the internet if you need more details!

Making Paper Beads

Things you'll need:

  • various papers
  • scissors
  • quilling tool
  • cocktail sticks
  • wet glue which dries clear (I use PVA)
  • a brush to use with the glue
  • cardboard


Paper - the length, width and thickness of the paper you use will result in different shape and size bead. Have fun experimenting with different ones. I use papers upcycled from old books and maps.

Quilling tool - I use whichever quilling tool I pick up first! If you don't have a quilling tool (they're quite inexpensive in craft shops) you can use a cocktail stick to roll the paper round.

Glue - a good quality PVA glue will hold the beads in place and dry clear. It will also coat the beads to make more durable and water resistant (I've worn bracelets in the rain and they've come out fine!). Obviously don't get the beads soaking wet.

Cardboard - I use lengths of card folded and stood up (see the pictures below) to stand the beads on to dry. Any card will do. Do this before you start making the beads.

Step 1

The paper I use here are pages from an old comic annual which was worse for wear. I chose decent pages to upcycle, although this is a good way to use up damaged pages as the paper is rolled up (try some first to make sure the finished bead looks good).

Cut the paper into strips which taper down like long triangles. These strips are about 1cm wide by 25cm long.

How to make paper beads
Strips of paper cut up to make beads with

Step 2

Put the thicker end of the paper in the quilling tool or at place it in the middle of a cocktail stick. Roll down the length of the paper until you reach the thinner end. Put some glue on this end to and stick it down onto the rolled up bead. If you're using a quilling tool take the bead off of this (carefully so it doesn't unravel) and transfer it to a cocktail stick. Coat the whole bead in glue.

Place the wet bead onto the card holders you've made so it can dry without touching anything.

making paper beads for jewellery
Lots of paper beads coated in glue and left to dry.

Step 3

When the bead are dry (I usually leave them overnight) they'll be harder and stay in place. Take them off the cocktail stick and they're ready to use!

Turning Paper Beads into Jewellery

I like to use upcycled papers to make my paper beads so to continue the theme I use plastic, metal or wooden beads I rescue from broken jewellery to create my pieces. Whenever I find some broken jewellery I take the beads and save them in little packets so I have a choice of colours, sizes and textures ready for when I need them.

making upcycled jewellery with beads
Some of my collection of rescued beads.

It's important to use new findings (clasps, earring hooks, wires etc) when making jewellery with upcycled beads. You need to make sure they're good quality, work well and are hygienic. I use gold or silver plated findings in my pieces.

You'll also need some tools to help manipulate the findings. I use a pair of jewellery making pliers with cone shaped ends which can bend and flatten metal and a pair which cut wires. There's lots of information about jewellery making on the internet and in craft shops if you want to find out more. I am no expert on jewellery making! I found out by trial and error and looking online and in craft shops - it's quite easy really.

jewellery making findings
Earring hooks, crimp beads and earring wires with jewellery making pliers.

The Finished Jewellery

These are some pieces of the jewellery I make in the above way. I often keep the bracelets for myself; I have them in quite a few colours!

paper bead earrings
Earrings packaged for the shops

Paper bead bracelets. I kept the pink one for myself!

paper bead jewellery
A set of matching necklace, bracelet and earrings

As I said before, these are ideas and there are lots more detailed tutorials out there on the internet if you need more information. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to try it yourself (or treat yourself to some of mine!).

Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - wonderful vintage inspired dresses from Dig For Victory

I love looking at vintage fashion pictures. I can't resist an old book or magazine with photos of glamorous looking women in beautiful outfits. So when I saw these dresses I couldn't help taking a peek. However, I soon discovered that they aren't vintage dresses but new ones made in vintage styles which is great because they can be made to measure and customised to suit you too. Wonderful!

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Dig For Victory

I love the story behind Dig For Victory. It's the idea of Eleanor who first started making dresses for herself to wear while performing in a twee-pop band with her boyfriend. She started sewing when she was at university and clearly had an eye for wonderful fabrics and designs as soon friends and family were requesting outfits too. And it grew from there. This is what I love about independent designers and handmade crafters; it starts as a passion you make for yourself and this comes across in your work. If the idea was just to set up a brand to sell vintage style dresses to everyone there wouldn't be the unique and detailed designs you find at Dig For Victory.

Black and Mustard Yellow Striped Sweetheart Tea Dress with Cap Sleeves- Made to Measure - FREE SHIPPING
Black and yellow striped tea dress, made to measure Dig For Victory £155

I also like the range of occasions Dig For Victory offers their customers. There are day and evening dresses, skirts and accessories too so everyone can have a little touch of vintage with them. Imagine attending a special event in this gorgeous evening dress (I have to imagine, I never go anywhere too fancy!). That's what's wonderful about these type of dresses - you can go into a world of glamour and imagination, just thinking about what accessories you could pair with it and the event you'd attend is exciting!

Emerald Green Taffeta Sweetheart Tea Dress (Size UK 6- 16) - Made by Dig For Victory - FREE SHIPPING worldwide
Emerald green taffeta tea dress Dig For Victory £120

Dig For Victory has grown from selling 'through friends and a few local shops' to a full time business with online and a 'real life' shop. The team has grown from just Eleanor and now includes a group of talented dressmakers. They've opened a boutique in Brighton where customers will find a 'unique shopping experience' seeing where and how the pieces are made as well as 'select from the huge collection of vintage fabrics'. I love going into a haberdashery and oohing and aahing over the lovely fabrics but my sewing skills are still rather basic and making clothes is beyond these. So I would imagine going into Dig For Victory's shop, discovering the fabrics and then being able to have a talented dressmaker make a custom piece just for you would be amazing! Finding a fun print such as the one on this skirt with its cute animals would be too good an opportunity to resist.

Mini Menagerie Pleated Skirt - Made by Dig For Victory - FREE SHIPPING worldwide
Mini menagerie pleated skirt Dig For Victory £68

If you're lucky enough to live near Brighton you can pop into the shop. For the rest of us a similar experience can still be had online with a range of lovely ready to buy creations as well as an opportunity to have a made to measure piece created for you. So if you have a special occasion coming up do check out the links below to find a wonderfully glamorous and unique outfit.

Dark Blue Wild Rose Print Bolero Jacket - Made by Dig For Victory - FREE SHIPPING worldwide
Dark blue rose print bolero jacket Dig For Victory £59

To see more of Dig For Victory's beautiful creations take a look here:

Or visit their shop at 175 Edward Street, Brighton. 
Thursday - Saturday 10-6
Monday - Wednesday by appointment. 

And the latest addition from Dig For Victory is a hair bow which can be custom made to match their dresses! You can choose the fabric and ribbon colours to be perfectly accessorised.      

Matching hair bow Dig For Victory £6


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Easy Upcycled Craft Ideas for Children

I started crafting as a child - I was never happier than with a pile of colourful papers and some glitter! One thing I remember loving to do was collect lots of bits and pieces that would have been thrown away but were far too pretty or useful to do so. I collected all these to use for crafty purposes to use with the basics like glue and scissors to create tags, cards, pictures and decorations.

easy upcycling crafts for children

Of course at that time I didn't know I was upcycling; I'd never heard of the term until a few months ago! Now I know I'm upcycling and love to find ideas from around the internet. I think it's particularly great to get children involved to develop their imagination and creativity.

I still collect bits and pieces and here I'll share these with you as well as some ideas about what to collect and how children can use them.

Obviously children should have adult supervision when doing these activities. Make sure all found objects are suitable; don't let young children use anything with small pieces; supervise use of scissors and adhesives.

easy upcycling crafts for children
My upcycling craft box!

Ideas of items to collect

Things I collect:
  • used birthday and other cards and tags
  • foil sweet wrappers
  • decorative panels from boxes - eg, from cakes, toiletries, chocolates
  • ribbons from gifts and clothes
  • used postage stamps
  • interesting images from magazines and old books
  • empty boxes 
  • inside of used kitchen and toilet rolls

easy upcycling crafts for children

A couple of craft ideas from me

Use plain pieces of card to make gift tags. Cut them to shape and punch a hole in the top then decorate it with whatever you have on hand. On this one I used a strip of flowery card from an empty tissue box and foil from a sweet wrapper. The ribbon had been wrapped around a gift I'd received.

easy upcycling crafts for children

Let children make their own party invites. I used a new piece of card as the base then used sweet wrapper and pieces of card from old birthday cards to create a little boat. Be creative deciding which picture to include - something that would match the party or a favourite animal maybe. Just write the details of date, time and place on the back. 

easy upcycling crafts for children

Of course, crafting offers lots of possibilities to be creative so encourage your children to try lots of different ideas! By having a selection of objects it lets the imagination develop as you have to think of new uses for them and also to plan and gain a sense of achievement at the end.

For some other ideas take at look at my Pinterest boards:

Pink Flamingo Handcrafting's board - Upcycle Recycle Repurpose

Pink Flamingo Handcrafting's board - Children's Inspirations 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Quick and Simple Halloween Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Halloween is fast approaching and parties are being planned. And with that in mind I've created these easy to make cupcake toppers just for the occasion! Make a mix of plump orange pumpkins, bandage wrapped mummies and flying bats to decorate your party table - or just to amuse yourself on some cupcakes you've made.

How to make Halloween cupcake toppers

Take care if you're making these with young children as there are small parts and pointy cocktail sticks. Always supervise children when they are eating cupcakes with these toppers in.

You Will Need

How much of each depends on how many toppers you want to make:
  • Thin card or thick paper in white, orange, black and brown
  • A circle punch or a coin to draw around (I use a 1 inch punch)
  • A black pen
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cocktail sticks
  • A wet glue such as PVA

Pumpkin Cupcake Topper

Halloween cupcake toppers tutorial

1. Use the circle punch (or draw around a coin) on the orange paper to make two circles.

2. Cut a little piece off the top and bottom of each circle so they look more pumpkin shaped.

3. Use the black pen to draw lines down each pumpkin. Make the lines at the side curved to make it look rounder. Cut two small stems out of the brown paper.

4. Spread glue on the back of one of the pumpkins. Spread it thinner around the edges (so it doesn't splurge out in the next step) and add more in the middle. Place a cocktail stick in the centre of the glue.

5. Now press the other pumpkin (lined side facing out) onto the glue to make a double sided topper. Spread glue onto one of the brown stems and stick it to the top of the pumpkin on one side. Making sure the stems will fit together, spread glue on one side of the other stem and fix it to the other side of the pumpkin.

Bat Cupcake Topper

How to make cupcake toppers

1. Use the hole punch (or draw round a coin) on the black paper to make 2 circles. Cut out two bat wing shapes following the shape in the pictures.

2. Put a little bit of glue on the tip of one wing and stick it onto the left edge of one of the black circles. Do the same with the other wing sticking it across the circle on the right hand side.

3. Spread glue over the back of the black circle. Put more in the middle to help secure the cocktail stick and less around the edges so it doesn't splurge out in the next step. Put the cocktail stick in the middle of the circle.

4. Press the other black circle over the glue to finish the bat cupcake topper.

Mummy Cupcake Topper

Halloween cupcake toppers
1. Use the hole punch (or draw round a coin) on the white paper to make two circles.

2. Use a black pen to draw two black circles for eyes on one of the white circles. Add some lines to make them look like bandages. On the other white circle (which will be the back of the head) just draw some lines for bandages.

3. Spread glue on the the reverse of the circle without the eyes. Put more glue in the middle to help secure the cocktail stick in place and less glue at the edges (so it doesn't splurge out in the next step). Place the cocktail stick in the middle of the circle.

4. Now press down the circle with the eyes onto the glued circle. Make sure it's the right way up!

Now all I have to do is get baking!