Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Fun Jewellery from Mixed Up Dolly

I think the type of jewellery you choose to wear can say a lot about you. My jewellery box is (very) full of all different types and styles which I can choose from to match my mood - everything from delicate and subtle silver pieces for when I'm feeling grown up and serious; big, colourful and glitzy for a night out; and novelty jewellery for when I'm feeling fun and relaxed. And this is where my favourite UK crafter of the week fits in.

As usual, this post is in no way sponsored or influenced. The crafter featured is genuinely a favourite of mine; all quotes are the crafter's own and the opinions are mine. So, with this in mind this week's UK Crafter of the Week is...

Mixed Up Dolly

I first noticed Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery on Facebook one day when I saw some pictures of fun sweets and chocolate creations which I was instantly drawn to. Not only because they featured a range of sweet treats (I'm rather partial to a little sugar) but also because of the childhood memories that popped into my head. That's what I love about Rachel's (the designer behind Mixed Up Dolly) work, it's pretty to wear but also has a personal meaning and associations. Like this Iced Gems bracelet; I loved these as a child and can't help but smile when I see it!

Iced Gem biscuits charm bracelet £30 Mixed Up Dolly

Rachel says she likes to create jewellery that is 'something of a show-stopping, talking point' and that's exactly what I think it does. How could you resist talking to someone wearing Starmix earrings? They're a fun little quirky piece that fits a fun mood and would be a great stand out feature with your hair up, or a little surprise poking out of your hair worn down. I love the idea of wearing them with a more serious, grown up outfit in this way!

Starmix Earrings £9 Mixed Up Dolly
Something I love about Rachel's range is there are lots of different pieces to choose from. If you're not feeling brave enough to wear an attention grabbing pair of earrings you can always add a little character to your belongings with one of her keyrings featuring classic brands. Born out of a 'passion is for making polymer clay and resin jewellery' Rachel has created pieces that can be worn to show the whole world your fun side or just a little hint of yourself.

Saucy...........Heinz Tomato Ketchup Keychain
Tomato Ketchup keyring £7.69 Mixed Up Dolly

As well as food items Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery and accessories feature other classics too such as these Lego cufflinks to remind you of happy childhood days!

Lego brick cufflinks £10 per pair Mixed Up Dolly

I suddenly have a sugar craving now... I'm off to hunt out some edible versions of Mixed Up Dolly's jewellery!

To see more of Mixed Up Dolly's fun creations take a look here:

Online Shop
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