Friday, 25 October 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Stocking Fillers

I thought I'd do something a little different this week with my favourite crafters post. Instead of focusing on just one designer/maker I've chosen a few pieces by various crafters that would make great little gifts or stocking fillers.

If you've seen my blog in the last couple of weeks you'll realise that I've already started my Christmas shopping and I'm buying as much as I can with from small businesses and local makers (most... but when your mum requests Chanel shower gel you have to make some exceptions!). I've been quite organised and bought most items, but I'm still looking for some little extras and treats, so this is as much for me as anyone else!

So far I've bought gifts from local independent businesses, makers and markets as well as from local sellers on Etsy. Now I'm going to branch out further into the UK too, and here are a few ideas all available online...

Favourite UK Crafters - Stocking Fillers

For the children

Children's UK Stocking Fillers


1. Hair Bow £3.50 Button Owl
2. Waldorf Gnome £6.50 Madame Craig
3. Personalised Pirate Crayon Roll £4.00 Wow Thank You
4. Little Knitted Teddy Bear £4.00 Wow Thank You
5. A Clay Police Car Set £4.99 Bought With Thought
6. 2 Gingerbread Men Soaps £2.45 Soppy About Soaps

For Her

Women's UK Stocking Fillers

1. Digestive Pocket Mirror £4.50 Nikki McWilliams
2. Long Tailed Tit Brooch £3.00 Pocket Wren
3. Russian Doll Earrings £5.73 Jackdaw Jewellery
4. Make Your Own Bracelet Kit £4.00 Bought With Thought
5. Grapefruit and Lemongrass Soap £3.95 Wow Thank You
6. Poodles Key Ring Change Purse £6.00 Wow Thank You

For Him

Men's UK Stocking Fillers


1. VW Campervan Keyrings and Magnets £4.00 each Wow Thank You
2. I Am A Rock Legend Badge £1.05 Sam Osbourne Store
3. Lego Man Soap £3.75 each Funny Soaps and Bits
4. Artist's Notebook £6.00 Typescale
5. Record Vinyl Bookmark £2.50 When The Music's Over
6. Lego Brick Cufflinks £3.76 Bits and Badges

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