Monday, 28 October 2013

Table Confetti For Special Occasions

I love to decorate a table for a special occasion. In fact, this is often one of the main reasons for organising a meal or get together in the first place! For me a beautifully set and decorated table is like extra special wrapping paper on a present. Thoughtful details make the occasion more memorable - and might just detract from my less than perfectly presented food (it tastes fine, it just looks...well, not so fine!)

One of the finishing touches I like to add is table confetti I've made myself with papers which are no longer useful. I use my craft punches to create the upcycled confetti out of texts linked to the occasion or in colours that match the rest of the settings.

Upcycled table confetti

Here I'm sharing some ideas for table confetti for different occasion using various texts. These are just ideas, once you start there are so many possibilities to have fun with that have special meaning for you!

Upcycled Table Confetti

Using Books

This is a great way to use pages from books which are old, tatty and unloved. I often pick up books in 'bargain boxes' at charity shops; the books have been read and fulfilled their purpose but now have pages missing, scribbles or stains. I punch around the marked pages to make the confetti. Link the theme of the occasion to the text you choose:

  • birthdays - choose the guest of honour's favourite book
  • Halloween - use a ghost story
  • Valentine's day - a classic romantic novel (or a trashy one!)

Valentine's Day table confetti
An  old copy of Pride and Prejudice and a flower punch make lovely Valentine's Day confetti



Using Maps

Maps and places can hold a lot of personal meaning. Again I look for ones which are tatty or even out of date. As you can see in the picture, this map has damage where it looks like it got wet. They are great for making confetti for:

  • weddings - a place where the happy couple met or are going on honeymoon
  • housewarmings - a map of the new area
  • home coming -  if a loved one has been traveling and you're celebrating their return use maps of where they've been
Wedding table confetti - map
A map of a special place and a heart punch make thoughtful wedding table confetti


Using Sheet Music

I often find old sheet music in charity shops and second hand centres that's been torn or the staples have come out so only half of it is left! This is great to use for upcycling purposes. Music can suit any occasion as songs are attached to many celebrations. Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas - use carols punched into festive shapes
  • anniversaries - try and find music played at the happy couple's wedding
  • Christenings - hymns or nursery rhymes

Christmas table confetti
Christmas carol sheet music paired with snowflake and tree punches make festive confetti



Using Magazines

This is a fun activity for children; there are so many colours and patterns to choose from! It's great for using up the free magazines and junk mail that get posted through the door too.

Magazine table confetti
Fun patterns and colours using magazines to make table confetti

So next time you're holding a special get together to mark an occasion get out the old papers and punches and create a thoughtful finishing touch!


  1. I've thought about doing this. Now that I've seen this post I KNOW I will do this! I had been thinking about using "shiny" bags like potato chip bags and such. :) Washed clean first, of course!

    1. What an interesting idea Bonnie - I'd never thought of using packets! There's always something new to play with! Have fun making your confetti.