Sunday, 22 September 2013

South Yorkshire Country Markets - wonderful local produce

I recently discovered a very well kept secret here in Sheffield - South Yorkshire Country Markets. That's not to say it's been a secret with everyone, they've been going for over 90 years! Basically it's a collective of local producers, craftspeople, bakers and cooks who together run regular markets selling their items under one name.

produce at South Yorkshire Country Markets - Sheffield

My local one is at Broomhill in Sheffield and has been running for a number of years. I just happened to be chatting with someone one day when it was mentioned, so I had a look on their website and then went along one Saturday morning to find out more. And when I got their I discovered a talented group of local producers and their wonderful produce!

There's a delicious range of food including bakery items such as bread and cakes; preserves and pickles; savoury meals and snacks ready to warm up at home; and locally grown fruit and vegetables. A lot of the prepared foods use seasonal and locally grown ingredients, and after trying a few of them (I had to if I was going to write about them!) I have to say they are wonderful! One of my favourites, which I could easily become addicted to, are these buttermilk and honey rolls with caraway seeds; they're irresistibly soft with a beautiful mix of flavours that I've never found anywhere else. That's what's great about markets like this - such a different range of new foods to try!

Locally made buttermilk and honey bread rolls - delicious!

The food is very popular with local customers, people were queuing up outside before 9am ready to buy! There are baskets available to load up with your choices (which many people did) and a big enough range to make it a great shopping opportunity to stock up for the week. The producers offer regular favourites as well as new and seasonal produce so there's always something different to look at and try - including a sweet potato and lentil dish this week which had sold out before I got a chance to buy one!

Just a small selection of the cakes on offer

Some tempting savoury dishes are available too

Alongside the foods are a range of different handcrafted products. This is what drew me to the market in the first place. I wanted a new place to share my work and hopefully find some new customers so became a member and took along some cards, gift tags and jewellery. They sat alongside the work of talented local craftspeople to create a beautiful table of gifts and treats. You could choose from wooden ornaments, hand sewn decorations, jewellery, greeting cards of all kinds, skincare and knitted baby clothes and toys. Although not as popular as the food (they aren't edible after all!), they offer customers a chance to buy something unique and special for themselves or a loved one.

If you find yourself out and about on a Saturday morning in Sheffield looking for a lovely and unique shopping experience, call into the market at the Scout Hut on Spooner Road, Broomhill (there's a sign outside, you can't miss it!).

There are 5 regular South Yorkshire markets:

  • Sheffield - Saturdays 9 - 12 (Spooner Road, Broomhill)
  • Doncaster - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 10 - 3
  • Holmfirth - Saturdays 9.45 - 12.15
  • Penistone - Thursdays 10 - 2
  • Tickhill - Fridays 10 - 11.45

You can find out more about the markets at their website:

South Yorkshire Country Markets


  1. I absolutely love this type of local market. Isn't it great to be able to support local small businesses too? And don't get me started on freshly made bread. I can almost smell it! Delicious!!! ;-)

    1. Delicious is definitely the way to describe it! It's difficult not to buy one of everything! I'm thinking of doing that next time... just in case a customer asks about a product, I need to give them all the information I can ;)