Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Why Buy Handmade? Some Makers Share Their Thoughts

Obviously I love handmade items. I'm a maker myself and handcraft and sell my items online, at fairs and in shops. They're also more popular than they have been for years with handmade now being seen as unique and desirable rather than a 'cheap' alternative to 'proper' products. There was a time (not too long ago) when if you wore clothes that were handmade, by you or someone else, it was something to hide whereas now people love to have something made just for them! I love that people are embracing the handmade idea and that more and more truly skilled and talented makers are getting their work out there and sharing it with everyone.

Handmade cards by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting
Some of my handmade work at a craft fair

Don't get me wrong, I love mass produced products as well. There are some big brand products I adore and use regularly (just take a look at my make up bag and you'll see that!) but when I'm looking for something special, unique and personal I always look for handmade.

In some people's minds handmade has always equaled poor quality and cheap, but I'm finding more and more that people are leaving this idea behind and discovering the great quality products out there. At the craft fairs I attend the standard of makers' work is unbelievably good time after time showing that buying handmade is now a true shopping experience and not just looking at hobby work (whatever the quality) that people are selling.

I'm sure if you've found your way to this blog you're already a fan of handmade, but if you need a little influence to convert to the handcrafted ethos take a look at these great reasons!

Reasons For Buying Handmade...

  • a lot of items are unique, even if they are the same pattern each is made individually giving it its own character
  • they reflect what the maker loves rather than just the latest trend making them more individual
  • supporting local and independent craftspeople and artists
  • most makers are happy to customise and personalise items to make them even more special
  • there's so much choice, it's a great way to find something really thoughtful for yourself, your home or as a gift
  • independent crafters love the work they do and what it to be of the best quality

 Handmade Makers Share Their Thoughts...

          Kim from Quirk and Kwizle

"Why buy handmade? Handmade items are usually one of a kind. In my case, I go to my local beach and select serpentine beach stones, tumble them and make them into jewelley. I can spend hours looking for the right colours whilst soaking up the beautiful scenery. The stones are truly hand picked and unique. "
Green Shetland Island Serpentine Semi Precious Stone Cufflinks, Gifts under 10 pounds
Green Shetland Island Serpentine Cufflinks £7.00 Quirk and Kwizle Etsy

          Roxi from Not Your Fox

"When you buy a handmade item you know you'll have something that has been made with love as well as supporting the designer. Your item will already have it's own story and will be unique to you - plus you'll be less likely to see everyone else with the same thing!"

Sterling Silver "Alpha" Skull Necklace
Sterling Silver Alpha Skull Necklace £37.00 Not Your Fox Etsy

         Tricia from T Lee Custom Designs

"Purchasing handmade items are some of the best quality and one of a kind design. They add so much more character to your life and give you the option to express who you are without the worry someone else might have that same item."

Clutch: Black and White, Floral, Orange Button, Black Lining, Cotton
Black, White and Orange Clutch Bag £14.58 T Lee Custom Designs Etsy

          Kelly from Paint Fabric Whimsy

"Buying hand made is like holding a little bit of love in your hands."

Everlasting Sculpted Fabric Rose Stem Bridal Bouquet - Made to Order
Sculptured Fabric Rose £16.56 Paint Fabric Whimsy Etsy

8x10 Original Matted Watercolor Print - Sunny Skies
Original Matted Water Colour Print £11.93 Paint Fabric Whimsy Etsy

          Sandra from Eclectic Directions

"I enjoy making something different, maybe unexpected, from its original use. It's great to be able to recycle or upcycle materials that would otherwise go to waste. Also, it's very rewarding to make something that works or looks better than the original; it helps make it personal."

Playing Card PDA 3X5 refillable fliptop notebook,recycled materials
Playing Card Upcycled Notebook £3.98 Eclectic Directions Etsy


  1. Great post! I love how handmade is having such a comeback as well - it's great. I've always loved handmade things, but I'm from a big, crafty family and I know when I was a kid it really wasn't cool at all, but it's so much nicer to buy handmade. I know I'd rather have a dress somebody's thought about and taken time to make rather than a mass produced Primark one which will fall apart in 5 minutes!

    I'm off to have a look at some of those shops now!

    1. I totally agree Rebekah. It's great handmade is cool now!

  2. I remember feeling uncool as a child because all my clothes were made by my Mom. OH, what I wouldn't give now to have her here with me, sewing right along. She'll be 86 next month and no longer wants to cross the Pacific Ocean—she says the 14-hour flight is just too much on her frail body.

    Handmade items have stories. Mass produced ones are impersonal. The latter go through so many middlemen that they become sanitized, corporate-ized and soul-less. When you buy handmade you have a heart-to-heart encounter. When you shop the mall you rub up against the anonymous masses like so many zombies in search of retail therapy.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I remember the same feeling as a child wanting the latest trend and getting handmade instead! Then as a teenager I realised I could have something unique for me and started enjoying a few pieces - now I'd love a whole wardrobe designed just for me! I agree that people are looking for retail therapy too; I think if they bought handmade it would more therapeutic and fill a deeper need and connection.

  3. Great post and lots of fabulous hand-crafted items. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks - I like sharing, it's like going on a shopping spree but better for my bank account!

  4. I love this post. I love anything hand made. I see it as a true gift of self. I dont even care if its badly made as long as its given with love.

    1. That's so true Janice! The effort and time means so much.