Tuesday, 20 August 2013

September Birthday Ideas - thoughtful ideas with links to September

With September only a few days away, here are some specially themed ideas for those with September birthdays - whether you're buying for someone or celebrating yourself.

Each idea has a specific link to the month to make for some thoughtful birthday ideas. 

Cards and Gifts

september birthday gifts

1. Sapphire Necklace £17.08 Firebird Jewellery Etsy
    The beautiful blue sapphire is the birthstone for September.

2. Set of 7 Soaps £28.91 Soap For Your Soul Etsy
    September is named after the Latin word for seven - so why not have a set of 7 gifts?

3. Plum Nail Polish £11 Nails Inc 
    Plums come into season in September, let your nails match.

4. Apple Tree Card £2.75 Pink Flamingo Handcrafting Folksy
    Another fruit that comes into season in September. This is one of my one of a kind upcycled cards.

5 & 6 Virgo and Libra Prints £12.48 Anne Garrison Studio Etsy
     Virgo is the sign of the zodiac until Sept 22nd when Libra takes over

7. Russet Fabric Card £4.50 Pink Flamingo Crafting Etsy
    The colour the leaves start to turn at the start of autumn. The autumnal equinox is around 21st September
    in the Northern Hemisphere.

8. Aster Notebook £16.43 Wolfies Bindery Etsy
    Asters are the birth flowers for September. In the language of flowers they mean love, faith and wisdom.

Party Decoration Colours

September is a month of equinoxes; the vernal equinox signals the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox starts off the warmer months in the southern hemisphere. They take place around the 23rd of the month.

With that in mind here are some party decoration colour ideas based on autumn and spring!

September party colours

September Foods

Whether going out for dinner, throwing a party or cooking a special meal at home, these in season foods are perfects for a September birthday.

Based on what's in season in the UK:
  • apples - think apple pie, apple fritters or apple sauce with meats
  • pumpkin - pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie
  • plums - delicious just cut in half and grilled with a little brown sugar served with creme fraiche
  • apricots - wonderful in stews with chicken or in a cake for desert
  • aubergine - think ratatouille with courgettes which are also in season
  • figs - just beautiful on their own or stuffed and baked
  • beetroot - delicious in salads, especially mixed with goat's cheese
  • pears - think pear and berry crumble or poached in wine
  • oysters, crab, mussels

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