Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Packaging That Tells a Story

I've been crafting for years but only decided to make it into a small business in May. As I've only been going for 3 months I'm still finding my feet and trying out new things. One of these is packaging now that I'm getting in touch with shops to discuss selling my work. As I'm just starting (and have spent more than I've earnt setting it up!) I'm trying to make packaging myself to start with and thought I'd share what I've come up with for my upcycled cards, tags and jewellery.

First of all I asked the very talented Viktorija at And Smile to draw me a flamingo to use as a logo. I love her work so was happy when she agreed to take on the commission and was very excited on Saturday to receive this lovely bird to use!

Then I needed to create some stickers and tags for my products. I wanted to have something that was simple, protected my cards, let people know about the products and didn't use too much packaging. I chose stickers for the cellophane bags I use to protect my cards, tags for jewellery and bag toppers for tags and stickers.

I decided on a simple sticker for the front of the cellophane bag and label letting people know it was upcycled. One the reverse I wanted to add more details about how the item is handcrafted and unique.  When I describe my products on Etsy I include information about where I got the materials from, but there's not enough room on the packs. I love upcycling because each piece has a history and when I buy upcycled I like to know this. So I decided on the back of the packet to include a reference and my email address so people can get in touch if they'd like to know too.

For my bracelets and necklaces I made some kraft card labels to go with the upcycled theme and added the same stickers as the cards to the front and back.  For the earrings I made a little card with the information on the back and a strip of paper to match the paper beads on the front. Again, there's a reference to get in touch if someone wants to know their history.

So hopefully I'll be able to share the stories of my products for all those who want to know!


  1. Beautiful packaging. I think it looks really effective and the idea of knowing the history is really lovely. Great flamingo too!

  2. Thanks Roz! I love the idea of little stories and it's nice to know others do too! Isn't the flamingo gorgeous? Viktorija is such a talented illustrator.

  3. That's such a novel (and thoughtful) way to label. Perhaps I could do something similar with my vintage clothing pieces, if I have a back-story to tell? Sometimes I know the history of the garment so something like this would add a nice touch. Thanks for sharing your ideas Laura. :-)

    1. Thanks Louise! I think it would be a lovely idea to add it to your clothing too, I'd love to know it's story if I was buying a piece of vintage clothing.