Friday, 2 August 2013

My Favourite UK Crafter of the Week - Unique Home Decor from Nikki McWilliams

Time for the second in my series of posts featuring my favourite UK crafters that I've found whilst browsing the internet - or 'researching' (that sounds better). There are so many gorgeous crafts out there and talented people who make so many unique and interesting products that I'm spoilt for choice. But this shop has biscuits, so it got my attention quite quickly!

This post is in no way sponsored or influenced.  Each post will feature shops I've found myself and genuinely admire.  The opinions are my own, the quotes are from the crafter. Here's this week's favourite...

Nikki McWilliams

I found Nikki's shop on Etsy while looking at cushions (I have a thing about cushions, and own more than is necessary).  There's one main reason that these cushions stood out - they look like custard creams.

Custard Cream Printed Cushion
The cushions that first got my attention Custard Cream Cushions £29.50 Etsy
I couldn't help looking at the shop where they came from, and that's where I discovered a whole array of other treats which were inspired by 'a lifelong love of having a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.'

Image of Wooden Malted Milk Brooch
Malted Milk wooden brooch £6 Nikki McWilliams
Nikki graduated with a degree in fine art and in 2009 set up her own business to make textiles for people to use in their everyday life. She makes a range of biscuity products including brooches, pocket mirrors, gift wrap and is 'proud to print every one of my cushions by hand'. I love the modern, quirky patterns that are unique coupled with the simple, traditional shapes of the objects which I think makes them fit into a variety of settings. Nikki herself sees her work as 'bright & playful with an attention to detail and quality that’s made to last.'

Image of Biscuits Sticky Tape - Yellow
 Biscuits Sticky Tape - Yellow £6 Nikki Mcwilliams
The thing I like most about Nikki's range is there is a great selection of different biscuits. Everyone has their favourite so it's easy to pick a present (for someone else or yourself!) that feels personal and fun, and as Nikki says, 'it's so important to be surrounded by objects in your home that make you smile'.  

Tunnock's Teacake Screen-Printed Cushion
One of my favourite biscuits - Tunnock Teacake Screen Printed Cushion £29.50 Etsy
I also love the way that Nikki's work represents British culture. Britain seems to be synonymous with tea and biscuits and these products are a great way to celebrate that. And although I don't like tea (a fact that nearly made my brother's American girlfriend fall off her chair when I revealed it), there's always room for a lovely biscuit with whatever I'm drinking!

To see more of Nikki's gorgeous work, visit her shops: