Friday, 28 February 2014

Let Me Introduce You To...

There are a number of reasons I was drawn to the shop I'm going to share with you this week. Firstly it was the use of vintage paper and old books; then I noticed a splash of pink across the top; then I realised it was a fellow flamingo!

This post is in no way sponsored or influenced. All opinions are my own and any quotes are taken directly from the people I'm writing about.

This week I'd like to introduce you to...

Frances Flamingo is a collection of upcycled and vintage treasure all of which are unique. It's the work of Beckie who at first 'only sold vintage items' but felt she 'was missing out on beautiful items' because they were damaged and not what she wanted to offer her customers. One day however she saw 'someone using old comics to d├ęcoupage furniture' and a new idea was born.

Let me introduce you to Frances Flamingo ... by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Beckie decided to use the decoupaging technique not only to rescue old papers, but also to bring a new lease of life to the vintage furniture and other items that she would previously passed on because of the damage. One of her favourite items to do this with is old suitcases which 'are scratched but the integrity of the case is still intact' and turn them into unique objects to be loved again. What's great about this method is you can make pieces that mean something special for the recipient too; for her friends' wedding Beckie 'used an old book called Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl to line the inside of the case' as they love to travel.

As well as using original old papers, Beckie likes using 'new vintage looking paper and other modern prints' to create stylish pieces of decor. Her framed prints and wall art have a unique vintage appeal to them but are made more available because of this and would mix well with any vintage pieces of furniture they are in the same room with. Although there is something special about old paper too; Beckie likes to 'feel like I've given something that was loved enough to last until now a new lease of life!'

Beckie also has some great advice about having a go at this technique yourself:

"Go on and give it try, rather that throwing out your children's furniture and the books they have drawn in, make something that they will cherish!"

Vintage books from Frances Flamingo

Find Beckie's shop on Etsy

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