Friday, 21 February 2014

Let Me Introduce You To....

Aprons are (another) of the items that I have more of than anyone would every possibly need. There's something about a pretty apron that I just can't resist. I think it's to do with them being a bit like a costume that you can put on and transform yourself into a character in a world where baking cakes is all you have to do! And I think that's why the more ornate and decorative an apron, the more I like it - which lead me to this week's post.

This post is in no way sponsored or influenced. All opinions are my own and any quotes are taken directly from the people I'm writing about. Please note all images are copyright protected by Creative Chics, I have their permission to use them but please don't copy them.

This week I'd like to introduce you to...

Creative Chics are indeed a group of creative women who have pooled their creativity to create fabulous aprons. They base their designs on vintage styles and add modern twists of colours and fabrics. I love looking through their shop at all the different style aprons and daydreaming about what type of person would wear them and what their kitchen would be like!

The Chics started as Debbie and her mum Freda (or 'mom'! They are from the USA!) and as they were 'struggling to keep up with demand' they invited three other family members and friends to join them. All the women  'have very different taste in fabrics and colors' and use these differences along with their shared passion to create an interesting range of styles and looks.

Aprons by Creative Chics... chosen by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Like many creative businesses, Creative Chics started as a hobby, and as with many hobbies the best way to support it was to turn it into a business. This also meant there were lots of excuses to make aprons to satisfy their 'insatiable appetite for collecting beautiful fabrics'. Starting as a hobby also means a great deal of enthusiasm as it's a skill you truly love using and this clearly comes across in the fun designs too. The Chics are 'like children, excited to get out of bed every morning' ready to put their 'creative ideas together' and this clearly shines through in the range of different styles and colours.

Anyone who's read any sewing related posts on my blog before will know that I'm not a natural when it comes to using a needle and thread - and no matter how many times sewing machines are explained to me, I still don't understand them! I have attempted making my own (half) apron before which was okay but knowing how much work that took me makes me admire the work of the Creative Chics even more; not only do they have great creative vision and an eye for fabrics, they are also talented enough to put it all together!

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