Friday, 14 February 2014

Let Me Introduce You To...

There are two things I find it difficult to resist buying (okay, there's more than two, but these are the top two): old paper and jewellery. So when I find them combined I just can't help taking a closer look.

This post is in no way sponsored or influenced. All opinions are my own and any quotes are taken directly from the people I'm writing about.

This week I'd like to introduce you to...

Left Brain Right Brain (as the name suggests) is an interesting mix of styles, concepts and ideas. It's based on the notion that 'people are predominantly, left brained or right brained, organized thinkers, or free spirits' but combines the two to mix science (left) and art (right) to create wonderful pieces of jewellery.

This interesting and unique jewellery is the work of Heidi who herself has combined both her scientific and artistic sides to create 'scientific artwork that (she) would be proud to wear'. She has a background in science and education, with a PhD in neuroscience, and has taken this love of the details and textbooks and combined it with jewellery making to create pieces 'for the science geek or guru'.

Let me introduce you to... science jewellery from Left Brain Right Brain

Anyone who's seen my own work will know that I love to salvage and rescue old books saving the vintage images to reuse in interesting ways, and that's something that's definitely appealing about Left Brain Right Brain's jewellery. The thought of a text that has had it's place in social history still being used today, for me, keeps the past alive and is a glimpse into past ideas and thinking; sometimes it's amazing to see what has (and hasn't) changed!

Heidi likes to think of her creations as 'conversation starters' and they'll certainly be useful if you want to chat to someone 'whose life revolves around pi'. They're a statement of intellect as well as a fashion item and show that geek chic is something that can be done in a stylish way. Luckily as she lives in a little town which 'is flourishing with vintage and antique shops', Heidi will be able to keep creating these unique pieces.

Striking up a conversation about your jewellery can also make you sound very educated as many pieces have a mini science lesson attached to them (which are much more interesting than the ones I remember from school) to entertain your friends with. The story behind this pendant in particular is an interesting read!

Dominant BB brown eye Genotype Silver Pendant
Pendant £8.67 Left Brain Right Brain

So whether you're dominated by your scientific left brain or your creative right brain, you'll find something to satisfy it in Heidi's jewellery!

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