Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Quick Ideas for Last Minute Valentine's Cards

With Valentine's Day only a couple of days away there's still time to make a quick card. Perfect for if you've just not got round to making one yet or have just plucked up the courage to send one!

These cards are quick and simple and use paper ephemera to make them extra special. You could use any kind of papers you have lying around too, just follow the same basic design.

The basics you'll need

  • blank card and envelope
  • pencil
  • glue
  • greetings
  • papers

The ideas...

Use maps of local, special or significant places to create two hearts to stick on the front of the card.

map valentine card idea

These are from maps of places near where I live. Make a cardboard template of the hearts to make sure they're the same size. Use a black pen to add a 'stitching' effect around the edges.

Use stamps from a country that's special to your loved one; it could be where they're from; where you met; where you went for a special holiday. Cut a heart out of card and stick the stamps on it. Trim around the edges and stick the heart to the card. I've also used this to make two small hearts to put on one card like the one with the maps above.

quick valentine cards to make - postage stamps

Use old music sheets of 'your song' to make a heart or hearts to stick to the front of the card.

When you've stuck your hearts to the card front you just need to add a greeting. And as you've made it yourself you can make it extra personal! You could add one by writing it on, printing a greeting and sticking it on, stamping onto the card or use a pre-made greeting from a craft shop.

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