Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Five Reasons I Love Used Postage Stamps in Crafting

Ever since I can remember I've loved postage stamps. When I was little I used to collect them, and I still have that album now! I used to collect them from letters I received or asked my family to save them for me. I also remember (and this is quite a rare occurrence, I have a terrible memory) buying them in little packets from the local shop who had a card behind the door with them hanging on. You could buy a pack with the stamps of another country which seemed such an exciting thing to do!

Used postage stamps in crafting

I still can't help but collect them up to this day, although now I have found uses for them too. And here's why I love them so much...

Reason one... they're like little works of art

I love looking through stamps and looking at all the wonderful pictures and colours. Each one is like a miniature piece of art representing a country or occasion and reveal fascinating images of all kinds of things.

These are some of my favourites.

used postage stamp craft ideas

Pretty postage stamps for use in crafting

Reason two... they show you different countries

The packets of stamps I used to buy when I was little came from all different countries from around the world. Some of these I'd never even heard of at the time! It made me take a look in the atlas and want to know about the place. Now my geography's better it's not so much where the country is as what's important to them that I like to find out, and with the internet now it's easy to do a little research and find out why certain things are on their stamps.

used postage stamps in crafting

Reason three...they're free!

Free resources are always great and as they're plentiful too you can play around with them without worrying about wasting money.

Reason four... it's a way of upcycling

Saving and re-using the stamps saves them from going in the bin. Giving a new life to what is usually considered rubbish is a fun thing to do.

Reason five... there are so many ways to use them in crafts

Here are just a few things I make with them.

Using postage stamps in crafts... by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

These are just a few reasons (or excuses) I have for loving stamps. Why don't you start collecting them and see what you can create?

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  1. I love stamps too! They are so pretty and fun It was lots of fun collecting them when I was little. Did you ever do the mail order stamps, where they would send you a packet and you picked the ones you wanted paid for them and sent the ones you didn't want back? I love doing that! I love all of these ideas!

    1. Glad you like it! I've never mail ordered stamps, it sounds like a lot of fun, although I'd probably keep them all!

  2. Hi Laura!

    Love your ideas for using postage stamps in your crafting projects. What a nice gift for someone who travels to make them a notebook - fun! So glad you joined us on #simplybebetsy and that you setup your gallery - hope to see you a lot. Questions, let us know.

    Best to you,
    Sharon and Denise

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to create the gallery - it's a great way to share and find interesting blog posts from others!