Monday, 3 March 2014

A Place to Discover Sheffield Designers... Bird's Yard

If you wander down Chapel Walk in Sheffield city centre you will find a shop like no other in the city. It's full of Sheffield designers and unique picks all waiting to be discovered!

I sell some items there and I love going in to discover all the new offerings from other local designers, makers, crafters, vintage sellers and foodies. It's a great way for small businesses to make a start in retail and have a city centre place to sell.

You'll find a range of tempting items and here are some that have caught my eye lately...

Badger print by Inkling at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Original sketch by Inkling £35

Chutneys by Just Preserves at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
A sample of the range of chutneys from Just Preserves £3.50 each

Romper suit by Poco Nido at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Fish romper suit from Poco Nido £13

Necklaces by You Earth Ash at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Gemstone necklaces by You Earth Ash various prices

Earrings by Shapeshifter Designs at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Earrings by Shapeshifter Designs £8

Fabric notebook by Crafted by Charisma at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Fabric covered notebook from Crafted by Charisma £9.99


Cutlery rings by Tea Wear at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Rings made with antique cutlery by Tea Wear various prices

Earrings by Fantasy Trinkets at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
Heart earrings by Fantasy Trinkets

Our Tiny Bees at Bird's Yard, Sheffield
A range of beauty products made with local honey from Our Tiny Bees


Sheffield designers, makers and sellers you'll find in Bird's Yard

  • Handpicked Books
  • Just Preserves
  • Birdshell
  • Vertiline in Love
  • Little Denim
  • Mellor Ware
  • Shadowcrafts
  • Character Shop
  • Pink Flamingo Handcrafting
  • Chep Art
  • Fantasy Trinkets
  • Lovely Cosmetics
  • The Bears The Bears
  • Gertie's Teas
  • The Elegant Baking Co.
  • Crafted by Charisma
  • Inkling
  • Loretta Keenan
  • Photographs by Charlotte
  • Goo Designs
  • Poco Nido
  • Shapeshifter Design
  • Atelier Raniera
  • A&D
  • Claudia Latini
  • Happy Nut
  • Crow and Dunnage
  • Our Tiny Bees
  • You Earth Ash
  • Galabeer and the Dog
  • Imogen's Imagination
Find Bird's Yard here... 

Chapel Walk, Sheffield city centre
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