Monday, 24 March 2014

Some of my Sheffield Inspirations

Maps are something I can't bear to throw away. No matter how tatty, torn or drawn on they've become I'm happy to spend the time pouring over them to rescue the good bits.

I've been making use of my old maps for a few months by creating cards of Sheffield, the city where I've lived all my life. Lately I've also found some new uses for them by turning them into keyrings, magnets and book marks too.

When I'm looking through the maps I like to choose recognisable places that are familiar to people in the city and hold good memories too.

Here are some of my 'familiar places' and favourite areas in photo form to match the 'I Love This Place...' Sheffield range:


Hillsborough is an area to the North West of the city centre and is near to where I grew up. The park in the picture below was always a nice place to visit for the playground, feeding the ducks and visiting the library.

And in keyring form:

Damflask reservoir

Damflask is a reservoir on the outskirts of Sheffield on the way to Bradfield. It's been in use for nearly 120 years. It's a lovely place to take a walk around on a sunny day!

And in magnet form:

Sheffield city centre

There's always something to find in the city centre. The Peace Gardens next to the town hall is a lovely green space right in the heart of the city, complete with water features. I love to sit and each lunch here on a warm sunny day.

And you can find it on a keyring too:


Broomhill is an area to the west of the city centre and is full of lovely shops and cafes that are always nice to have a look around. It's also home to Sheffield Country Markets on Saturday mornings where some weeks you'll find Pink Flamingo's Sheffield items!

And it can be found on this keyring too:

You can buy the I Love This Place ... Sheffield range by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting from:

Bird's Yard, Chapel Walk, Sheffield
Frankly My Deer, Vintedge, Sheffield
or directly from Pink Flamingo on Etsy