Friday, 21 March 2014

Let Me Introduce You To...

Vintage, handmade, upcycled. Three words that I love to hear! To me it suggests unique and thoughtful and that's exactly what I've found with these two shops from the same person.

This post is in no way sponsored or influenced. All opinions are my own and any quotes are taken directly from the people I'm writing about.

This week I'd like to introduce you to...



Both Camp Wilder and May Tree Ark are the work of Catherine. It started with her handmade bags which are made with 'fabrics (which) are local and collected from great sources over time' and grew into other vintage finds which can be found in Camp Wilder. 
Camp Wilder vintage shop

I love looking at vintage items and discovering lots of unique finds. What I particularly like about Camp Wilder is the sense of fun that goes with them (Catherine calls herself the 'Camp Director'!) and the beautiful way the items are photographed to show their personality. The shop is a place for an eclectic mix of finds as Catherine says, 'I can't chose between lace, melted steel or rugged military, so I don't. I let myself enjoy it all...' Although there is a wide range of finds, they have a similar feeling of nostalgia mixed with a modern taste to create a well curated collection; you can dress yourself and your home to match!

May Tree Ark is where it started for Catherine designing and making one of a kind bags. She had a problem that needed to be solved - where to keep her ID. She made a 'little fabric pouch that fit only my ID which I tied around my hips' meaning it was kept safe and she had her hands free too. Catherine says she's always been a 'practical organizer' and so as her needs changed so did the shape of her bag to store her phone and other items. This practical creation grew into her Hipshack, 'an ergonomic, useful utilitarian hip pack' as well as other beautifully created and unique bags. 

So if you're looking for vintage finds or vintage inspired accessories, you have two places to look!

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