Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Turning Old Book Covers into New Treasures

I can't resist an old book. When I go into a second hand shop the first place I head for is the book shelves. As well as looking for some interesting reading material, I also search out damaged, worn, drawn in and forgotten books to reuse in my crafting. I like the idea of taking a book that no-one wants anymore and transforming it into a beautiful new object. Usually I just use the pages inside the book, and that left me with a pile of old book covers which I can't bear to throw away.

A lot of what draws me to books for crafting are the beautiful illustrations, and these can be seen on the covers too. The wonderful outer casings of hard backed books often have beautiful drawings and vibrant colours which would look just as attractive being used as something else too. So instead of throwing them away I had a look around for inspirations and came up with a new use for them...

Book Cover Note Pads

For these notepads I've removed all the pages from an old book and added some stationery to the inside. I'll be taking these with me to the spring craft fairs I've booked.

Old book cover notepad - Pink Flamingo Handcrafting
Making stationery using old book covers - Pink Flamingo Handcrafting
Uses for old book covers - Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Upcycling old book covers - Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Other ideas for using old book covers

Whilst doing some research for ideas on using old book covers (or 'looking through Pinterest') I found some other wonderful ways to get creative. Here are some of my favourites - click on the pictures or titles to find the original tutorials.

Book handbags

Combining books and bags just has to be a winner!

book bag
Find the tutorial for this take on a book bag at Country Living

Book spine bookmarks

If the whole of the cover isn't in the best condition, just rescue the spine to make a bookmark.

Take a look at Morning Creativity for the instructions

A disguise for your wireless router

I love the idea of mixing new technology with old books! Here you can use attractive covers to hide not so attractive equipment.

Apartment Therapy shows you how

An old school cover for a new kind of book

Following on from the last idea, there's something fun about having the new way of reading inside the old one!

A very detailed tutorial by Come Together Kids

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