Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How To Make Simple Cards using Vintage Paper Scraps

These cards are perfect for using up smaller pieces of papers you have left after other projects using vintage papers (that's how I came up with them in the first place!). And as they're quick and simple to make they're ideal for creating a few at once so you always have a card on hand for any occasion.

I'm showing you some of the shapes I like to use when making these card, but you can make them in any shape you like following the same idea.

how to make cards with vintage paper ephemera

You will need:

card making tutorial

  • various scraps of paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue (I prefer PVA)
  • card blanks
  • pen
  • card for making templates (or use templates you already have)
  • various embellishments you might want to add (eg, a button for the flower centre)

My templates

These are the shapes I like to use the most. The measurements have been included and they are intended for use on A6 card blanks (10.5cm x 15cm). The heart and kite are cut into 4 so smaller scraps of paper can be used and interesting combinations will give the cards a better look. 

card making templates by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting


1. Choose the template you want to use. I'll use the heart shape throughout this tutorial. Place one of the sections on the 'wrong side' of a scrap of paper and use your pencil to draw around it. Do the same with the other template sections on other scraps of paper.

card making tutorial

2. Use your scissors to cut out each of the sections you've drawn in step one.

simple card making tutorial

3. Turn each section to show the 'right side' and (don't glue them at this stage) put them onto the front of the card blank. Check they fit on the card and that the sections match up properly. If the pieces don't quite fit trim any paper as needed.

simple card made using paper ephemera

4. Once you're happy with the paper's position, use you glue to stick each piece to the front of the card.

quick handmade card tutorial by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

And you're done - just like I said, quick and simple! 

Extra Ideas
  • Add embellishments to your cards such as a button in the middle of the flower
  • Try using a variety of papers you would normally discard such as newspapers, magazines, junk mail or even paper packaging and labels from food packets
  • If you're using different patterns for each piece, try to stick to a colour theme to make them look coherent - or use the same pattern in different colours
  • Add a greeting under the picture if you know the occasion you'll use the cards for. You could stamp a greeting, print a greeting and stick it on the card front or use a shop bought sticker or embellishment
So now you know how to make them, why not create a whole set ready for you to use whenever you need a card?

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  1. Hi Laura, I have a lot of old books and some vintage wallpaper so I've got to try this. Never thought about it before but there are a lot of different things to create. I'd better go hunt in my basement and see what I have stashed down there - always looking for a new idea! (Sharon)

    Thanks for sharing this on your #simplybebetsy gallery - it's a nice addition.
    Sharon and Denise

  2. Thanks Sharon! There are too many pretty papers that I just can't bear to throw away so I'm always thinking of new ways to use them.