Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Unique and personal gifts

Today I thought I'd share an idea that's crafty and makes a good gift. So whether you want to make your own or it gives you an idea for a gift, here are my make your own gift vouchers. 

Everyone knows someone who's difficult to buy for.  With me it's my mum.  She's not someone who likes to have lots of things and buys what she likes and needs for herself.  Coupled with this, her birthday is just after Christmas so all my ideas have run out by then!

This is when I first got the idea of making some gift vouchers that she could spread through the year and would give her something she really appreciated - in this case fresh flowers.  So I made a little cardboard wallet which tied at the front with ribbon and filled it with floral paper gift vouchers each for a bunch of flowers that she could give me anytime she'd like some.

Then this got me thinking... these would be great for lots of other occasions too; not only those who are hard to buy for, but also if you're short of money you can offer gifts of time and help or if you have specific skills you could offer those too.

It's a nice idea to make yourself either in a wallet or just paper vouchers in an envelope. Or for those who aren't so crafty I've put some in my Etsy shop too.

 make your own gift vouchers
These gift vouchers are available in my Etsy shop.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to write on your vouchers, these are some things I'd like to receive, as well as what others have told me they'd like too:
  • an offer to wash your car (something I would particularly love!)
  • an evening's babysitting
  • a trip to the cinema
  • taking you out to lunch
  • making your favourite meal for you (and doing the washing up!)
  • take you to your favourite shop and pick out an item as a gift
  • a box of chocolates whenever you like
  • set up your new laptop (or anything else technical I don't understand!)
  • giving you a manicure
  • doing the ironing for you
  • cutting the grass
These are just a few ideas.  Another gift I'd love is any comments left below for other ideas to write on the vouchers...!

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