Sunday, 28 July 2013

Craft Stall Displays

Another craft fair today! Back at Elsecar Heritage Centre with my upcycled and new paper crafts where I was last Sunday but this time for a vintage and craft fair. There were lots of very tempting stalls with such lovely items as vintage clothing, upcycled fabric bags, handmade jewellery and hand stamped fabrics. I did my best to resist but just couldn't help buying this fox ring from Hidden Quirks (before the fair even started!).

fox ring

The fair was in Building 21 on the site which used to be an ironworks and its industrial past can still be seen which makes for an interesting and unique setting.

Seeing a different kind of fair to the ones I usually sell at gave me lots of ideas for new and different stall displays.  I particularly liked some stalls which used old crates like shelves to give a rustic feel and build height for large items. Suitcases were also used to good effect either flat on a table and open to rummage through or stood on their side open like a cupboard with items hanging in them. There was also a stall that had garden trellis around it to hang different items on giving a lot more display space.  Not all of these could be applicable to a paper craft stall, but they were great to look at and enjoy.

These are some ways that I displayed my crafts today.

Pink Flamingo Handcrafting stall

I used safety pins to secure string to the table cloth to give extra hanging room and pegged my hand sewn hearts to them.  I also hung up packs of paper bunting in this way.

pink flamingo handcrafting craft stall

Chalk boards are really useful to add descriptions or special offers highlighting a certain product.  You can also easily change the price or the product to suit what's selling!

pink flamingo handcrafting earring stand
To match the theme of the earrings being upcycled, I reused an old picture frame to display them on.  It was from a picture that wasn't used anymore and I did stand on the glass breaking it when I was having a clear out (luckily whilst wearing shoes!).  I removed the glass and put a layer of wadding on the board which I covered with pink fabric from a pillow case.  I then strung ribbon across which I held in place with tape at the back and put the whole thing back in the frame.

Seeing all the other lovely stalls has given me plenty to think about in terms of display and if I can find some smaller crates I'd love to use them on my stall.  I only have one more summer fair and then I'm taking a craft fair break until the Christmas fairs start in November - by which time I might have found some crates!

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