Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crafting for Christmas - 2013 Trends

I know it's still summer but it's already been Christmas in July (on Etsy); festive fairs are being booked; and shops are buying in seasonal stock. And seasoned crafters know now's the time to get organised for 2 reasons:

1.  Being prepared and stocked up for the end of year rush;
2. Christmas crafting is so much fun!

I've already started making cards, tags, gift bags, decorations (...and it's getting a bit addictive!) and looking around for inspiration and trends for 2013.  These are some that have been influencing my work, and maybe your work too...

All the photos are the 'prototypes' of my cards with materials I've been using to match the themes. 

Fantasy Forests

Take inspiration from nature and delicate winter colours and mix it with glitter and imagination!

Think...  glittering trees; silver pine cones and acorns; delicate fabrics; reindeer and forest creatures; pastel tones; natural; playful; lace; shimmering textures; glass.

Christmas crafting trends 2013 Fantasy forest

How I'll be using it... spraying and painting pine cones in metallics, I used to do this when I was little and hang them on the Christmas tree; foxes and reindeer on Christmas cards; using lace instead of ribbon to wrap presents and tying acorns in with the bows.

Luxury and opulence 

Treat yourself at this special time of year, especially if you've had to cut back on other things throughout 2013. Indulge in the little luxuries of Christmas. 

Think... spoiling yourself; velvet and silk; gold and precious metals; jewels; rich colours such as emerald, aubergine and pomegranate; groups of ornaments; luxurious details; satin and organza ribbon and bows.

Christmas crafting trends 2013

How I'll be using it... velvet ribbon as boarders on cards and for tying gift tags; 'jewels' stuck along the top of gift bags using deep, rich coloured paper; gold thread to hang luxurious decorations for the tree; using deep coloured silk papers to make favour boxes and table confetti for the Christmas dinner table.

Traditional with a Scandinavian twist

Use the traditional symbols of Christmas and give them a fresh look with lots of red and white.

Think... Father Christmas; reindeer; Christmas trees; red and white; natural colours; traditions; felt and wool; stockings; snowflakes; red bows; cross stitch; sleigh rides.

christmas craft trend 2013 Scandanavian twist

How I'll be using it... cute Father Christmas and reindeer felt decorations to hang from door handles; red and white patterned gift boxes with big red bows; wool in natural colours to attach gift tags; paper snowflake garlands; red, white and green fabric heart garlands.

Writing this just makes me want to craft even more...better get some extra Christmas fairs booked so I'll 'need' to craft. I'd love to see your work too so feel free to share!

I have a Pinterest board with Christmas 2013 inspiration too if you're interested...


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