Monday, 13 January 2014

Unique and Upcycled Paper Bunting Tutorial

If you've read any of this blog before or seen my work you'll have seen that I love to use old paper in crafting. I love to find different ways to create new pieces which are unique and can be made to be personal for the person they're made for.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can make some simple paper bunting using old papers which is something I made last summer. I had a stall at a fair outside and had a gazebo so I thought I'd decorate it in a festive way to match the items I was selling. As well as prettying up a gazebo, this bunting is great for parties and other celebrations and can be made to suit the person by choosing the type of texts they like.

How to make paper bunting

You will need:

  • various old papers - maps, book pages, magazines, music sheets
  • string
  • glue (I use PVA)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
upcycled paper bunting tutorial

Step 1

Sizes and quantities will depend on how long you want the length of bunting to be and how big you want each flag. As such I'm not giving exact measurements, just cut the paper and string to the size you want.

Cut a piece of paper into a triangle that's longer than it is wide.

paper craft idea

Step 2

Turn the triangle over so the reverse side is facing you. Draw a line across the paper 1.5cm down from the top. Fold the paper down along where the line is.

Upcycled paper craft tutorial

Step 3

Turn the triangle of paper around so the 'right' side is facing you. Where the flap of paper at the top has been folded down there will be a little piece overhanging at either side. Cut these off.

making paper bunting

Repeat steps 1 - 3 to make as many paper flags as you need. Cut a length of string long enough for all the flags to fit on remembering to leave enough string at either end to be able to tie the bunting to wherever you're hanging it (I usually leave about 1 metre at each end).

Step 4

Turn the paper over again so the reverse side is facing you. Spread glue along the flap at the top of the triangle.

upcycled paper craft

Step 5

Place the length of string along the folded line then fold the glued flap over and press it down.

make your own paper bunting

Repeat until all the flags are glued onto the string, and you're finished!

It's as easy as that! Now you know how to make a cheap and unique decoration for all kinds of occasions. They can be stored easily to reuse or the paper is recyclable when you've finished with them.

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  2. Laura, the bunting turned out really cute and we love the different vintage papers - just really great!

    Thanks for sharing it on your GALLERY at #simplybebetsy!
    Sharon and Denise