Sunday, 26 January 2014

How To Make Vintage Paper Flower Embellishments

Finding ways to use old papers is something I always enjoy doing. Playing around with different ideas until I find something that works is a wonderful way to while away a few hours, and hopefully find a new favourite make at the end!

That's how I first made these flower embellishments. I'd been cutting up old books to make greeting cards with but there were still some little details left in the scraps that were too nice to throw away. I took my circle punch and got to work saving the interesting details and then had a try at making something with them.

How to make vintage paper flowers by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

I've made lots (and lots) of these flowers. I've put double sided sticky on the back and sold them as stickers, I've added them to gift tags, put a few on a card to make a bunch of flowers, decorated notebooks with them, used them as decoration when wrapping presents.... there are so many uses for them!

Here I'll show you the basics of making them. You can of course make them in various papers and sizes to suit how you'd like to use them.

You will need:

how to make a paper flower


  • various papers (I use old book pages)
  • a circle punch (or coin to draw round)
  • glue (I prefer PVA)
  • buttons or gems

Step 1

Use your circle punch to punch out interesting bits of paper (I've used a 1 inch punch but any size works). I always turn the punch upside down so I can tell I've positioned it in the right place. You'll need 6 circles for each flower.

Vintage paper ephemera flower tutorial

Step 2

a. Spread a little glue just down one edge of one circle.

b. Position a second circle just overlapping where the glue is. Make sure it's a little further down so it's starting to form the circle flower shape. This is one advantage of using a wet glue like PVA as you can move the paper as you work.

paper ephemera craft idea

c. Spread a little glue just down one edge of the second circle and repeat the steps until 6 circles have been used.  The final circle needs to tuck under the first one.

making paper flowers

vintage paper ephemera craft project

Step 3

Choose a button or gem to match your flower. Use glue or double sided tape to attach the button or gem to the centre of the flower.

paper ephemera craft

Paper flower tutorial by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

And it's as simple as that! It's fun to try making them with different papers or making them extra special for someone by using an old copy of their favourite text.

As always, I only use books that are past their best, are outdated, are falling to pieces or are damaged in places.

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  1. I love how simple these are. Thanks for sharing on the Upcycled Linky Party at

    1. Thanks Tricia! They are really quick and simple - which always handy!

  2. these are lovely and a great way to use up scrap paper.

    1. Thanks! I can't bear to throw away any nice paper so I'm always looking for ways to use scraps.

  3. These turned out so cute - love the vintage papers and also the cute buttons for the center of the flower.

    Glad you shared them on your #simplybebetsy gallery
    Sharon and Denise