Monday, 5 May 2014

Fun With Felting

Felting is something that always looks fun and there are some amazing creations out there, but it's never something I've tried before. Until today! Sue from Apple Harvest very kindly invited me to play with her wools and show me how to make a flower. This is what we got up to...

Lots of gorgeous colours to play with!

Some of the 'tools' needed - hot soapy water, bubble wrap and a rolling pin

You have to keep rolling and turning the wool until it 'knits' together. It was also useful to use the end of the rolling pin to bash the flower too! One it's holding itself together, we rinsed the flowers in cold water then pinched them together and put them on a radiator to dry.

This red flower was my first attempt and didn't turn out quite as flower like as I was hoping! I was happier with this purple and pink creation though...

But Sue's creations are what you really need to see to show you how it's done...

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