Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vintage Pages Collection - a new collection from Pink Flamingo...

I love to make cards using vintage papers. There's something special and pleasing about finding unique papers or rediscovering nostalgic patterns and turning them into something unique to share with loved ones. I often create cards using pictures taken from old books and either simply use them directly on cards with a few hand drawn details, or incorporate them into a design.

This lets me create true one off greetings that can't be replicated - an idea I love! But lately I've also been thinking about designs that can be reproduced to create a collection. So I took some designs I've made before and added some new ones into the mix to create my new collection - Vintage Pages.

Vintage pages collection by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

What I love about my new collection is that although the designs are replicated, each one is still a one off.

That's because each one is handmade using original book pages so will feature unique details in its writing or pictures.

Sending cards is a way of showing that you've thought about someone and care about a special day, occasion or achievement in their life, so I wanted to put that same level of caring and thoughtfulness
into my cards. I've carefully chosen the texts I've used to relate to the images I've created, and where possible, the occasion they could be suitable for.

Unique vintage new home card by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Vintage flowers card by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

Recycled greeting cards by Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

If you order of any of these cards online you can also add any personalised you'd like to make it extra special. Or look out for them in selected shops!


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